Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Hey People,

Congratulations to S&L for being an actually good miniseries that has a chance of being renewed.

I had 3 big problems with this episode though. For one, Ben's attorney sucks. Most criminal defense attorney's wouldn't put their defendant on the stand unless they absolutely have to that doesn't mean if Ben can't go on the stand that he should admit guilt. If I was Ben I would have fired the lawyer on the spot. On top of that I don't see why the lawyer has to go after Christy at all. Ben should no longer be at fault when someone else drugged him. No offense to his best friend, but the lawyer should go after Dave as the responsible party. The other thing is just Christy being a bitch. It's just so wrong how she uses her kids against him. Ben doesn't want her money, all he wants is to spend time with his children and she won't even let him do that, not even on frickin Christmas. Lastly, why didn't Ben wipe down the weapon before he threw it down the hole? Didn't even wipe down the handle bars. If you re-watch the scene you'll notice Dave uses his sweatshirt to not leave fingerprints. Dave knows the deal.

I'm glad that Ben finally remembers that night and he's not the killer, but what I'm really glad about is how the story flowed and actually made sense. It wasn't some half-ass concoction that was so out there that I wouldn't be able to get behind. I've always thought the killer was either Christy, Dave, or Abby, but now I definitely think it's Dave. I think Christy will be the last red herring with having a secret stash of money. I don't think she knew about the affair and that someone told her. Maybe even Kevin, the neighbor who tried to kill Ben, told her or maybe it was Dave himself. The reason I think it's Dave is because he knows too much. I don't think he got the flashlight to help out Ben, but to torment him with it again, but he didn't plan on Christy seeing Ben in the woods. Dave drugged Ben to begin with and Dave seemed disappointed about not going with Ben to finish their game of tracing the night. Plus, Dave seems dumb, but legally he seems to know his shit (not leaving fingerprints behind). My money is on Dave.

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