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S1 E8
So Deena finally caught Annoying Girl aka Calista and now she's locked up. The sway didn't kill her so she must have a power and I'm telling you her power is to annoy the shit out of people. Deena and Walker also found out that she and the dead detective's son were behind the Kaotic Chic video that went viral and they knew exactly where the boy was going to be. When they tracked him down to an event held by Retro Girl, things got out of hand when Zora's handlers thought it was a good idea to stage a fight between Zora and a known villain. The boy got in the middle of it and his mother, one of the handlers, tried to protect him, but she was just another casualty in a war, even if it was staged.

Now the dead detective's son is an orphan (I think I'll call him orphan from now on. I still refuse to call him Krispin), Retro Girl wants to quit her day job because of shit like this happening, another power is dead because of sway, and Royale finally found his lighter that Walker had all along.

I did like this episode, but what I liked most about it was the back-story of Walker and Royale.

S2 E3
Elizabeth and David are separating, which is a surprise to no one. I know some people are upset with Elizabeth calling her a hypocrite because she cheated too, but she's not mad at David for cheating, she's mad at what became of the cheating--Lori entering their lives. Once David knew of Lori being the kidnapper, he still didn't come clean. So now Elizabeth and David will take turns being in the house. Elizabeth needs some time to think if she can forgive David.

Speaking of forgiveness, Taylor is still upset with Max for trying to forgive Crash. Now I understand Max wanting to forgive, I wouldn't be against it, but he doesn't have to be buddy-buddy with him. Taylor has it wrong though. You can't dictate what someone wants to do. Taylor has no say on who Max should forgive. It has nothing to do with her. She should be mad instead of him becoming friends with Crash. I think friendship is a little too much, especially when Crash is unwelcomed in the house and he shows up anyway to see Carter. Seriously, Crash has had so many chances, can't he just go away? I know Carter has this need to fix everything, but I think some things shouldn't be fixed and should be left alone. Carter tries to fix Taylor and Max and that went to crap. But I'm glad they didn't get back together because then it would just make Taylor look like she doesn't know what she wants.

Because of the anniversary of their grandparents, the family had to go to the party and now they will forever be known as the twins where one was kidnapped and the other was drunk, but I like drunk Taylor so I don't mind. Taylor lashed out at Carter for trying to fix her relationship with Max and for the grandmother's friend, who works for admissions at Stanford, practically begging Carter to go to Stanford and ignoring her. But in the end all is forgiven. The grandparents know everything now except for David's affair with Lori.

Speaking of Lori. she has been trying to call the girls from jail to talk to them, but neither picked up until the end when Carter told Lori to leave her and her family alone. Carter has come so far. Also, it was so weird when Armadillo asked his father why he wasn't dating his teacher assistant. Does he not want his parents to be together? I also caught the TA looking at Armadillo in a weird way. I don't trust that TA at all.

S1 E20
This was a good case-of-the-week. At first I liked it because the ballerina wasn't dead, so this would be the first case that actually wasn't a homicide, but since the press was all over it, they had to work it. I'm actually shocked that Henry automatically assumed that the ballerina was dead. I didn't think she was. When you have no body that automatically means to me that maybe the person isn't dead. Anyway, the real twist comes in the end when it is revealed that the ballerina was behind the whole thing just so her name could live forever as the ballerina that could have been the greatest. Damn, that was good and I knew once it was revealed that they would've never been able to prove it. So chick walks free, or more like strolls free since she made her brother, who ended up killing himself (run then jump when you're trying to jump rooftops), caught off her own leg.

As for the flashback, it tied in nicely with the case-of-the-week. A french artist took heroin to inspire her artwork, but it ended up killing her in the end. At least her work will live forever.

As for that moment between Henry and Jo, I won't think much of it for now. I don't think Jo knows what she's feeling yet and I don't think she feels anything for Henry yet either. I just think she knows that rich guy wasn't for her and maybe a guy like Henry is what she wants. Usually Abe is cool with his timing, but boy did he cockblock. At least he found his mother. I hear tonight's episode will be about Abigail, so I can't wait for this to get settled on whether or not she's immortal. I don't think she is.

Henry decides to hold off on trying Adam's theory of killing himself with the weapon that killed him the first time because there's a difference between wanting something and actually doing it.

S3 E19
Last episode was the backdoor pilot for Chicago Med. I never really cover cases-of-the-week for Chicago Fire because I more interested in the firefighters than them putting out fires. However, since this episode is not the usual, I'll give it a mention. A man who works with infectious diseases planned a terror attack on the hospital by using himself as a weapon. Except he forgot to lay low for awhile so the disease could spread throughout his body so it could affect other people. You would think a man who works with diseases would know that, but whatever. Severide got hurt, but he was saved.

In the end, no one caught the disease, not even the guy who had a piece of bone stuck in him from the bomber, which I find odd. Anyway, everyone celebrated at Molly's and Dawson and Casey hooked up. They agree this doesn't mean they're getting back together. I sure hope they don't.

Overall, not a bad episode. I would like to see Chicago Med standalone before I commit to it. As for tonight's episode of Chicago Fire, I hope we get to see more Otis being infatuated with Brett.

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