Monday, April 20, 2015

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S1 E18
Ahh! Usually it's easy to see who's in the right and who's in the wrong, but I have to say when it comes to Jane and Rafael, I can't tell. Jane was in the wrong because she doubted Rafael so many times that even though she stopped doubting him, he started to believe her doubts, which led to their break up. Rafael is in the wrong because he values leaving something for the baby over actually being there for the baby. They have different parenting styles. I wonder how it's going to work now. I'm glad it was Rafael who ended it and not Jane. If Jane broke it off, I would start thinking she's indecisive and doesn't know what she wants.

I would think Jane would go running back to Michael, but Michael seems like he's in a good place now and I still like Andie even if she lied.

Xo found out that the reason why Rogelio's mother always hated her is because she thought denied Rogelio the opportunity to be a father to Jane, but all was cleared in the end. However, I doubt Xo will become friends with that woman anytime soon. To me, Rogelio's mother made sense. Xo and Rogelio didn't talk about having kids. They really didn't talk about anything before they moved in. Children are a deal breaker. Either you want them or you don't. There is no compromise and that might be the reason why they end things. Xo really does know how to sabotage herself. I mean, I like the other guy too, but damn, she'll eventually have to come clean about that one.

I knew Petra was right about Aaron being Roman and now she's in some hot shit. As for Alba and her priest, I wonder if she didn't ask him out correctly. Like maybe, he didn't take it as a date because of the way Alba asked. One thing is for sure though, Alba sure knows how to pick them.

S6 E19
Well that was a long break. Last time, we had a fun episode and the best part was all the extras guest stars regulars starred in it.

Case-of-the-week: An injury lawyer, who used to work or a law firm that protected a made-up motor company was murdered for not taking advantage of a situation. You see, there was something wrong with a model of a car and the motor company thought it would be a waste of too much money if they did a recall so instead they tried to cover it up. The injury lawyer wanted to right the wrong, but he needed proof, a dummy that would show the results of what happened when the car gets into an accident. Another injury lawyer also knew and instead of holding the motor company countable, he wanted to blackmail him into giving him money. The injury lawyers got into a heated argument and one of them killed the other. THE END, but great story.

So there was a fun wager going on between Castle and Ryan and Esposito. They all bet on who would win the cop talent show Castle and Beckett or Ryan and Esposito. Castle wasn't even eligible until Jimmy Kimmel dropped out at the last minute to be the star of the show and they asked Castle to step in. It's always fun when they're in their competitive spirit; however, Beckett was freaking out the whole time because she has stage fright and didn't want Castle to think less of her. In the end, Ryspo won for the 3rd time in a row, but only because Castle called Kimmel and told him to do the show. Beckett put two and two together and figured out Castle did it for her and they shared a nice shower (clearly not the actors) scene of them practicing their routine. I liked it even though it wasn't really them, but so many people thought it was corny and stupid. Oh well, can't win everyone over.

Tonight hopefully they'll put to rest the story of Castle missing. I am not looking forward to this episode, I only look forward to us moving on from this story.

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