Sunday, April 19, 2015

Previously On Sunday...

Hey People,

I always think I'm done with this show and then I watch the next episode and I get sucked back in all over again.

Ben tries to help the reporter take down Cornell by discrediting her past cases, but that backfires because Cornell was right about them including her daughter, who should be locked up in jail for writing prescriptions using her father's pad, which made him lose his license.

Ben puts it together that the reporter leaked the info of Tom's biological father by paying a cop, so now he's back in jail.

Ben got rid of the "present" in the woods and when Christy asked him what he was doing in those woods he lied and said he was taking a leak. Christy knew he was lying and complained to her brother about it, who then called the cops to search the woods. However, they didn't find the "present" so where is it? Christy can no longer stand Ben's lies and gives him an ultimatum to either tell her the truth or she walks and Ben chose for her to walk. That was a pretty heavy scene. It even had my eyes watering reminding me of my parents divorce.

So now Cornell knows Ben had a blackout and can't remember anything from that night from the taxi camera (but I don't know any taxi camera that shows what happens outside the taxi, but whatever), which means he could have been capable of anything that night, especially when the camera shows him walking towards Tom's house. So why didn't Jess say anything to Ben about that night?

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