Monday, January 26, 2015

Resurrection Season 2 Finale Review

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I just finished watching the season finale of Resurrection and if this turns out to be the series finale, then I'm content with that decision. There was enough closure in the finale that I won't be upset if it won't be brought back due to low ratings.

First let's talk about the finale. I thought it was okay. The thing about this show is you're never really worried that someone will die because there's just a possibility they'll be brought back, so I was surprised that Tom didn't even come back in the end, but we'll get into that later. The episode starts where it left off last week. Marty and the Langstons minus Margaret were all cooped up in the Langston's house trying to keep the mob at bay. Obviously this was a bad plan from the beginning, but they did call for backup and when they found out no one was coming, they knew they were screwed. I'm surprised they didn't shoot as many people as I thought they would. Fred shot one person and that was it. I would have gone down with guns blazing.

Before they took over, we finally saw Marty and Maggie kiss. I can't believe it took this long. I've been waiting for this kiss since the first season and when I finally see it all I could say was "meh". I was expecting fireworks and I didn't feel any. I was disappointed; however, I still found them cute at the end when they all had dinner together.

The Pastor and Margaret tried to make Rachael disappear by telling her she would see Tom, but eventually Margaret saw the error in her ways when Jacob admitted he didn't want this for Rachael and Rachael found out the truth about the Pastor thinking her baby was the devil. If this story sounds ridiculous that's because it is. They actually went with the baby being the devil plot and I'm just disappointed because they had so many chances to have an evil character on this show and every time they just steered clear from it.

Margaret was just misunderstood like Fred was at the end of season 1. The grandfather plot had potential, but for some reason was never used. I still don't understand why he didn't take his revenge. Whatever happened to him? Then there's the Pastor who may have been right about the baby being Satan. I'm guessing that's what all those bugs at the window meant. Because when you have a swarm of bugs outside the window, obviously whoever lives in the house is the devil.

As a whole, I thought this season was unnecessary. This season had no real direction. I honestly believe they had no idea where they were going with the story. The only important episode to watch was the finale and that's only because in the end so many returns pop up around the world. It gives a chance to create a new plot of born agains vs. borns, but I don't think we'll get a chance to see that.

A year later, everyone was happy Marty still works for the US government helping the returned, the Pastor is on suicide watch forever so he doesn't escape, and the family still hasn't reconciled with Margaret. The only thing I didn't like was Tom not showing up in the end with Rachael and the baby. Why would he have not returned? Maybe he doesn't want to deal with his wife. I know I wouldn't. That bitch is crazy. I'm surprised she didn't come back to steal the child. Anyway, I'm pretty sure this will be the series finale and the ending was good enough for me.

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P.S. I see some fans are upset that the show didn't answer why the returned came back from the dead and here is the answer. When Marty was talking to Maggie, he told her he still didn't know why the returned returned and Maggie responded that no one knows why they are here. She's including people who have only lived once. In other words, the writers didn't have to explain why the returns are back because we (humans) don't even know why we live and yet we still do.

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