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S1 E10
Can there be an award for best narration on a show because this guy would win ever single time. What I think he says, which then give me giggle fits.

Alba was in the hospital unconscious for most of the episode. It was nice to hear Jane and Xo speak Spanish this time around. Rogelio was there to comfort Xo in her time of need. Xo got so desperate that she started praying, asking God to save her mother and in return Xo would stay celibate until marriage. Alba was already up by then but she liked what she was hearing so much that she pretended to be comatose. Rogelio with his Gloria Stefan comment was hysterical as always.

Rafael had to fire 15% of the staff at the hotel and one of them turned out to be Jane's friend. Jane put Rafael in a really hard spot, but in the end she realized that she couldn't fire another friend in her place and that was the end of that.

Jane was stuck in the elevator with Michael, which as the narrator pointed out was very cliched, but what wasn't was the fact Jane and Michael didn't miraculously ended up getting back together with each other or even Jane rethinking she made the wrong decision. Not even Rafael was jaded when he saw Jane crying in Michael's arms. He even made light of the situation. This show is cliched, but then it isn't.

Pun Intended (LOL) Luisa got a visit from her step-mother even though her step-mother is the one that put her there, but I guess in the end they both used each other. One for information and the other to get out of her institution. BTW, for some reason I love Luisa's roommate, but totally felt bad that she had to hear all of what was happening right next to her.

Petra's hostage escaped and since Petra isn't her real name, Rafael no longer needs to pay her for their pre-nup. I kind of feel bad for her, but as the narrator pointed out, the girl cried wolf too many times and when she actually told the truth, Rafael didn't believe her.

Is Michael going to die? Narrator distinctively said Michael loved Jane until he drew his last breathe. Either he becomes Jane's stalker for the rest of his life, actually ends up with Jane (which I highly doubt), or the man dies. Michael is a good guy. He helped out Alba #immigrationreform. He may have it out for Rafael, but other than that he's sweet. I would definitely would miss him, but this was definitely a foreshadowing here.

S1 E12
Now that's more like it. Granted, I was more interested in the mob story more, but this episode was way better than the one before it.

We continue where we left off with the escapee. Gordon guarantees the capture, but only if he gets his job back at GCPD. Turns out Marooni was a "friend" who turned on The Executioner and he wants revenge. Marooni hides out at the police station, but Gordon knows The Executioner likes a challenge so he just sits and waits for him, besides he has no other way of finding him. It was anti-climatic when all Gordon had to do was pour coffee are whatever it was onto The Executioner to stop him from electrifying him, but I will allow it since it would have been more stupid if he hadn't thought of doing that. Gordon's now working behind his desk again, but not everything is back to normal. He's now living in the barracks at the precinct, but he should really get used to being interrupted like that if he lives there. Dr. Thompkins  Lee deserves better than that.

On the other side of town Falcone finds out Fish set him up. But he doesn't care because he's in love or whatever. I really don't know what he was. Maybe infatuated, I'm not sure. Anyway, when the little bird aka Penguin told him Eliza was a setup placed by Fish, all hell broke loose. Evil Falcone was back (not like we saw him before, but you get the point) and he killed Eliza right then and there when he saw her. I knew she was a goner, but it was still sad because she did grow to care for him. I wonder if that's what Fish was trying to tell him. Does this mean Penguin is no longer undercover anymore? Marooni was onto him anyway so like it matters.

In other news, Barbara is still pointless, but I'm starting to feel bad for the actress because people are saying she's a bad actress, but it's not her fault. I blame the writers.

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