Sunday, January 25, 2015

Update On The Binge

Hey People,

Okay I have to admit, I kinda got sidetracked with the binging because I started watching a German soap. Damn they always get me. It happens sometimes, but I am finding my way back to my binge, which is why you see me posting so much today.

If anyone has any suggestions on what I should watch next, hit the comment section or write to me using the Contact Form on the right panel.

I also wanted to let you know that I won't be reviewing Backstrom at all since I didn't watch the pilot and I don't plan to watch the pilot. Have you seen the trailer for it?

The main character already annoys me and that was only a 32 second clip. I'll pass on this and save myself the 2 hours it would take to watch it and then write a review about it. The ratings did okay, but it won't have real competition until February when Scandal and The Blacklist come back and I don't have a good feeling that it will hold up well, but then again, we are talking about FOX and many of its new shows aren't doing that great other than Gotham and the juggernaut Empire. Sad too because I like this cast.

There will be another throwback this Thursday so watch out for that. Back to my binging.

Luv ya,

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