Sunday, March 15, 2015

Banshee Season 3 Finale Review

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Okay so that was a lot of action, violence, and blood. I loved it all. Banshee never fails to amaze me with its fighting sequences. Actions speak louder than words so I won't waste my time telling you what happened in those scenes. That's something that should be watched not talked about. But what I will talk about is what happened before and after Hood goes to war.

I honestly thought Hood was going to do it alone and that insurance policy was Brock, but boy was I wrong. But in my defense I wouldn't say Gordon is a friend of Hood. Job was right all his friends were being held captive. I don't even remember when they told us Gordon was a vet. I knew about it only because of Wiki when I have to write recaps and I can't remember people's names. So when I saw him rocking the sniper I was like "Oh shit, he's going in." Carrie definitely has a type.

My favorite moment goes to the flashback of Siobhan. Carrie was in the same position and I love how Hood wouldn't put his gun down. He didn't want to lose Carrie like he lost Siobhan, but it was Gordon who saved her because he had the guts to pull the trigger. Don't shoot the head, shoot the hand. It was a nice recall moment.

But the saddest part goes to Gordon dying. I'm guessing his assistant will take over his position. I really thought Proctor was going to die this season due to Rebecca being an idiot, but no, somehow he always lives to see another day. I would have been upset if Proctor died like that anyway. It has to be at the hands of someone worthy. But we'll get to that. First Siobhan and now Gordon. It seems like anyone who falls in love with Carrie or Hood will end up dead. They deserve to be with each other. Their deadly love cancels each other out.

I seriously thought when the war was over then that would be the end of the show, but there was still a little bit of storytelling left. Proctor, of course, got his revenge on the blind man's gang and killed them all. I think they had a really bad set up if 4 people can just stroll in and kill them, but that's just me. Proctor tells Hood he would have done the same thing in his position when Hood decided to leave him to his death in the penultimate episode. This story-line was my least favorite of the finale. Proctor calls Hood the Sheriff then Hood informs him he's no longer the Sheriff and Proctor grins in the end. Why you smiling Proctor? Is it because you're going to cause more chaos now that Hood won't stand in your way? I actually thought Proctor was going to proposition Hood with a job and that may happen who knows.

I hear that Hood quitting will stick for next season. I'm surprised Hood and Carrie stuck around. Carrie only stayed in Banshee because of Gordon and Hood stayed because of Siobhan and Deva. So what's stopping them now? And this has been on my mind all season, but why was Carrie stealing money? Does she need the money for something? First they stole for Rabbit and then they stole from Rabbit to get away from him and now they're stealing for...? Maybe it's just in their blood or something like how Deva is starting to act.

I believe the Brotherhood (it's funny how in Person of Interest it's a black gang group and here it's a white supremacist group) will be the baddie for next season and I'm loving the setup so far. Bunker already seems like a complicated character conflicting between what he knows is right and what he was taught was right. Brother vs. Brother. I can't wait for the start of this story.

Finally, we get to see in Hood's past. He was conditioned to the point that I don't even think he knows his own past. He's was in the military, but then went AWOL. He was then conditioned by some guy who offered him a job to work for some secret branch of the government. It could be the private sector. I don't know, it didn't say. The point is we got to see a little bit of Hood's past, but not enough to satisfy me.

I can't believe I almost forgot, JOB WAS TAKEN! I knew Job was good, but I didn't think he was that good. Another hacker turned him in and now Hood doesn't know where he is and has no way to find him. For now, Job is on his own, but I doubt Hood would just give up like that. He'll find a way even if he has to get the help of Proctor. I hope this doesn't mean we'll see less of Job because I need my Job fix.

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