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S2 E19
Stef and Lena are having communication problems. Stef hid her plan for Callie to be emancipated as well as the fact she blackmailed Robert to give Callie more time so she can get emancipated. Very clever, however not telling your partner that, not so much clever. Stef is going down a dangerous road and no, the ends don't justify the means or what Robert did by not telling them about Daphine would have been okay. What I'm finding hard to believe is why the judge ordered for more time with Robert. If Callie told the judge she wanted to live with Robert and Robert told the judge she should have more time to make sure of her decision wouldn't that mean her once a week with her old man is working?

Lena I am telling you watch out for Monte. That hug was more than just a hug to her. As much as I kind of would like to see Lena and Monte (what? they would look cute don't lie) Lena doesn't seem like the type to cheat. I'm glad everyone's favorite teacher is back though. Monte made the right call. As for the Ana's baby that every wants to adopt, I doubt Ana would give it to just Mike based on what she told him, but I think Mike won't take this lying down. Maybe they can all co-parent or something.

Brandon will be trying out for the classic music camp for the summer. Lou didn't take the news so well. The funny of the night goes to Callie trying out for the dance team to be supportive of Mariana. Just seeing Callie dance sexy was the highlight of my week. Mariana added some new members to her dance team including Emma who used to be a cheerleader. Who knew that girl can move?

As for Jude, Connor is the most confusing boy ever. Jude still doesn't understand where he stands with him and neither do I. But it seems like the person who was shot last week was Connor. It's about to get serious y'all. If a guy just shoots without looking, then he shouldn't have a gun in the first place. As for the TPing of a house, I never understood how that works. If it's a brand new roll it won't work because its too heavy so it won't fly. So basically you have to get toilet paper that's being used so the roll is lose enough to actually roll out, which just seems like way too much work to me. At least they were TPing a friend and not an enemy's house.

S1 E15
Last week was all about testing the men who date the Villanueva women. Rafael passed and Rogelio failed but in the best way possible. Rafael thought Jane wanted him to propose because she had a plan (first love, then marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage). It wasn't until the end of the episode that she understood why she hesitated. Jane wasn't ready, plain and simple. Rafael said he was okay with it, but I don't think seeing Michael and Jane laughing like that helped him.

Meanwhile, Xo was dealing with the fact that she might be pregnant, which made Jane very upset when she found out because she thought the next time her mother would become pregnant it would be planned so this time she could do motherhood justice. It wasn't helping that Rogelio freaked out at the idea. It was a false alarm, but Rogelio and Xo decided to take things step-by-step which means they're moving in together.

Petra and Rafael are now teaming up together to get rid of Lachlan. Petra knows she can't do it alone and she has the majority shares so Rafael has to play nice.

Almost forgot, Jane gave her manuscript to an author she loves let's see what comes of it.

As for Zazo 2.0, you seem just as evil as Zazo. What are you up to?

But I do have to say people, that was one cute proposal, but I don't expect any less from Jane the Virgin.

S7 E16
It's been awhile, but last time on Castle there was a really fun episode. Space and murder, I didn't think it was going to be a fun episode, but it was and the ending made it even better.

Case-of-the-week: A man is murdered on Mars (stimulation) and as usual there were red herrings, but it turns out it was a team effort and they all committed the murder. Moral of the story: If you annoy the shit out of everyone, they will plan to kill you especially when you live in a small space.

In other news, Martha is moving out, so one day little Castles would have room to play. If she's moving out, I don't see how she'll be in much of the show anymore. When Alexis moved out we only saw her when she visited home except for that one time when Castle and Beckett had a double date with her and Pi (thank god he's gone).

There has been a lot of complaints about this episode because it was too out there. Some people think that the show is focusing too much on Castle and Beckett. I will admit they are right about that. I haven't seen Gates that much, but I'm not a huge fan of her anyway so I don't really care. Alexis, I don't care about that much either (TBH never really liked her since the beginning, but she's tolerable as is Gates). The one I'm missing the most is Lanie. Where has she been? I was looking forward to her rocking the spacesuit outfit.

Another thing some people thought was weird was a space race happening in NYC, which is true even I said that when I was watching the episode, but I let some things slide and this was one of them. Also some thought it was difficult to believe Beckett would sign up for a Mars mission. As I thought about it I also agreed. Castle, yes. Beckett, not so much although maybe marrying Rick has made her inner geek come out.

Then there's the mention of babies. It's definitely going to happen we just don't know when yet. Some people are saying it could be by the end of the season. According to Morgan from Chuck, Beckett will have 3 kids. Some people want babies to be held off as long as possible because babies ruin shows. I know it and you know it. They have to focus on the kid and it messes with the formula of the show when they're introduced. However, c'est la vie. It's part of life and it would be weird if they didn't go that route because they both want children and Beckett isn't getting any younger. The only upside is it could lead Martha to come back to the house and take care of the child while Castle and Beckett are off chasing bad guys.

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