Monday, March 16, 2015

Reign S2 E16 Diary

Dear Diary,

I should have quit when I had the chance. Another party I have to prepare and this time a bunch of young girls are everywhere trying to be a mistress for Francis. Even Narcisse brought his attractive niece. What is wrong with people? And wouldn't the mistress automatically be Lola. Francis already has a child with her so wouldn't it be a given that she would be the mistress? Another thing I couldn't believe is Catherine letting Kenna plan the party. I feel Catherine may have something up her sleeve. I keep catching people having chats with each other: Conde and Mary, Conde and Antoine, Antoine and Kenna. I don't trust Antoine at all. He's always lurking around.

The party went on without a hitch, but I did see Narcisse's niece take Francis to the planning room. I don't hate him for it. Everyone here at the castle knows the deal between Francis and Mary. I'm just surprised Francis did it with that girl. I would have gone with Lola. I also saw Kenna and Bash dance. Things must be going well for them since I never see Bash attend one of these things. I wish I could say the same about me, but no I can't. I'm at every function. His wife is a slave driver. Clean this, clean that. I can't catch a break with Kenna.

I thought we were done having visitors this week, but then Antoine's wife arrived very, very pregnant. Girl couldn't even walk down the corridor without falling over. When Antoine was leaving (he will not be missed), I saw Conde give him a kiss goodbye with his fist. I don't know what Antoine said or did, but he deserved it. 

I will say this Diary, I saw Conde entering Mary's chamber last night. It could be nothing or it could be something. Not sure yet.

Luv ya,

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