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S1 E2 & E3
Last week they showcased 3 episodes at once, but I only reviewed the pilot so let me catch you up on what happened in the other episodes. For some reason I feel like buying a Sony phone and I don't know why. I get it Sony no other phone company exists other than you. Also, the Powers' title reminds me of Fringe.

If they aren't siblings, then they must have dated for so long that they picked up each others mannerism. Retro Girl and Walker leaving a message on each others phones was a sight.

The biggest take away of this episode was Royalle making himself known to the public and registered as a Power. Walker knows he had something to do with Olympia's death. By the end of the episode, Royalle tells Walker he won't hurt him as long as he doesn't get in his way.

I now dub that Wannabe, annoying girl. First she lies to Retro Girl and than she upset that RG was going to turn her in. Really hun? She does have a power. It's called most annoying girl ever and will probably survivor this whole season. Royalle takes her under his wing.

Annoying girl is still annoying. I really hope she doesn't get powers and I'm failing as to see why she's so important. I don't know why Royalle hasn't killed her yet. She's more trouble than she's worth, but I guess it's because he couldn't save his sister, who resembles her. Royalle and Annoying Girl both come from an abusive family. It's something they have in common, but it was Retro Girl who tried to show Annoying Girl that powers aren't what make you powerful. Obviously girl didn't get the message.

Meanwhile, there is a movement starting. Walker's dead partner's son is trying to get people to recognize that when powers get involved hero or villain, regular people get hurt. He's trying to give non-powers a voice--Kaotic Chic.

Sway might be the drug that boost powers, but something that Royalle doesn't know is the Captain of the Powers Division and some non-power hero are working on something called Drainer that drains away people's powers. The hero has been perfecting it and I believe he's just got it right.

Now about that ending, has Royalle been in control this whole time? Wolfe was pleading for his freedom. Or is it because Royalle is the only one that can let him out?

I forgot to mention it last week, but since the whole Mouch being a father isn't going away anytime soon let me say it now. Why would anyone hack into a sperm bank? This isn't Sony where you get movie releases and people's salaries. It's a sperm bank. That's probably one of the last places a hacker would want to hack into because you can't gloat about it. I hacked into a sperm bank aren't I badass? No, not at all.

Had to get that out of my system. Anyway, there were a few familiar faces that I haven't seen in quite some time. I'm talking to you Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty, The L Word) and Warren Christie (Alphas).

Casey is fixing up a joint next to the strip club and me thinks he has his eyes on a girl there. Meanwhile a new guy is filling in for Newhouse (permanently?), but Mills wants his old spot back, but will the doctor clear him before Boden makes his decision? Maybe we'll find out tonight. It seems the new guy needs the position more than Mills. He left his firehouse to take care of his son since his wife passed away and now he's ready to get back into those fires. But let me just mention this. I know Mills was taking risks last week, but what I don't get is why no one at the theater went to help the guy hanging from the scaffold? I think it's human nature for someone to run up and help a person as long as the scaffold was in place, but no, for some reason these people just like watching from a distance. They wanted to see Humpty Dumpty fall.

Why is that anytime the creators of Chicago Fire want to do a spin-off Severide has to date one of the characters? Just making an observation. I'm guessing this is in preparation for Chicago Med.

I applaud Brett. She knows what she wants and Cruz isn't it. Get out now, Brett. She came to Chicago to change for the better and with Cruz it's the same old. Otis seems like a party-er or at least he was, but so was Cruz so there goes my theory of Otis and Brett getting together. We'll probably see the breakup tonight. I doubt they would do it off screen.

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