Saturday, March 14, 2015

Powers Pilot Review

Hey People,

I watch YouTube videos and saw this ad for it. I thought it was a game at first, but then I realized they were actual people. I even saw ads on my own blog so I had to try it out. It was like everything was telling me to just do it and so I did. This is the first Playstation original so it seems like everything is coming out with a show nowadays. More for me to watch I guess. I tried it and I liked it. Let me explain.

Summary: Superheroes and villains that have powers and are called as such. There exists one power (our protagonist) that lost his powers and now catches villains the old fashion way--as a cop.

The show starts off with our hero's partner getting killed and is replaced with this young thang that just wants to put bad powers behind bars. She's young, naive, and rules with her emotion. I like her.

We find out that our hero was part of a sort of Justice League with a girl (I'm guessing his love interest), his best friend, his mentor, and some guy that dies in the beginning of the pilot which starts our story off. The guy dies, which leads our hero to believe his mentor has something to do with it. He goes to him and that's how we find out his best friend (who he thought was dead) was actually alive and we also find out he didn't really lose his powers, but it was taken away from him by the mentor. The mentor has to have a lobotomy (seems like every few minutes) to keep his powers at bay. All kinds of nasty.

Cast: Sharlto Copely, Susan Heyward (The Following), Michelle Forbes (The Killing), Noah Taylor (Game of Thrones), Jeryl Prescott (The Walking Dead) and the amazing Eddie Izzard (The Riches).

Judgement: This universe deals with the whole hero/villain thing, but it also deals with what's it like to be just an ordinary person in this type of world. Of course, you have the Wannabe superheroes which makes sense since you don't know from the get go if you'll have powers or not. With the fact that this show will only be 10 episodes, the sad part is they're releasing them weekly, which I think is a huge mistake, but whatever, I think people should give it a try if they do have Playstation Plus. Yes, you need to have a subscription. Now if you're not a gamer and all you want to do is watch the show I would say it's not worth it, but if you're a really big fan of the comics, then who am I to stop you.

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P.S. Anytime I see the title Powers I hear Kanye West rapping "Power". That should really be their theme song. Get on it PS.

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