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The Good Wife S6 E14 Review

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Last week was another filler, but it seems like many were divided on whether you should like the episode or hate. I loved it. I will admit it was a filler episode, but it's rare to get to see how characters think and that's exactly what we got in this episode. The whole episode centered around Alicia and what she thought and I have to say, Alicia thinks of some naughty things.

The episode starts off with Alicia having laryngitis and therefore is to sit and do nothing all day, but prepare for her interview. Of course that doesn't happen and instead Alicia prepares for interview and also her suit Canning has against her firm for kicking him out of the building. She's a lawyer so Alicia thinks of questions that might be asked during the deposition as well as her interview and sometimes her mind started to wonder into other categories.

Zach: Alicia keeps picturing Zach as homeless since she cut him off ever since she found out about the abortion (that was a great episode and this episode reminds me of it). She ends up calling him, but he was too late picking up the phone.

Bishop: Bishop supposedly said he bought the next State's Attorney. He didn't say which one, but knowing that Bishop used to be a client for Alicia and Alicia knowing that Bishop is behind her PAC could hurt her campaign. She was going to tell the truth, but because Elfman told her she couldn't be in cahoots with her PAC that she should keep her mouth shut on the subject.

Kalinda: This leads Alicia to start thinking about Kalinda and then Kalinda and Peter. I seriously
don't know why she's still thinking about them or even why she still thinks they're sleeping together. If she would have heard out Kalinda she would know it was a one time deal and Peter was just abusing his power since Kalinda only slept with him so he could help her get away from her husband. I also have to bring up the way Alicia said Kalinda's name when she was going down the list of Peter's conquests. She said her name with such disdain that if you didn't know Kalinda was a name, you would think it was a sexual disease. Fans are still upset that Kalinda and Alicia are not buddies anymore especially after Alicia not being with her husband anymore. But I get it she hurt Alicia, Alicia thought Kalinda was a true friend, but only found out after the fact and not even by her that Kalinda slept with Peter. I wouldn't want to be friends with her after that either, but if I knew the reason why maybe I would change my mind. Let's hope that Alicia finds the the truth before Kalinda is no longer in the picture. (Kalinda won't be dying from what I'm hearing.)  

Peter: I only added him because Peter made a good point for once. Why is it okay for Alicia to sleep with others, but not him. I guess that's why she gave him the free will to roam, but yet punishes him in her mind. It only shows how much of a hypocrite Alicia is.

Canning: Canning ends up in the hospital for his liver disease and Alicia does right by him by actually going to the hospital. She promised him to be there for his wife and the wife wants Alicia to pray for him which Alicia thinks it wouldn't mean anything if she did it and therefore asks Grace to do it for her.

Grace: Now Alicia intercepted one of Grace's text and knows that her faith is dwindling. Even
though Alicia is an atheist for some reason she doesn't want Grace to give up that part of her. Actually, the reason she fears her giving up is because she doesn't want Grace to end up pregnant. As Alicia should know since she's an atheist, you don't need religion to know what's right and wrong. Religion can strengthen those ideas, but they don't diminish them. This idea that Grace will become pregnant introduces the pastor and we get the funniest moment of the night--Alicia admitting she wants to sex Johnny. Grace agrees to pray for Canning.

Johnny: Alicia you bad girl. Alicia imagines herself sexing Johnny even while she was on the phone with him. The funny thing is she admitted to herself she wants to sex him and pictured him quite a few times which makes me think she wants him more than she wants Finn. Things do seem very heavy between them for tonight's episode.

Finn: Finn in her head gave her a "oh" moment like "WTF are you doing here" but she didn't hate the idea. Don't count Finn out of the run just yet.

Will: The one thing that really bugged me about this episode is they didn't get Josh Charles to play Will, but he did lend his voice. It was just weird and you could totally tell it wasn't him. I kind of wish they didn't show the figure of Will at all, but instead had Julianna Margulies talking to the camera as if she was talking to Will. Anyway, the takeaway from this episode is Alicia said goodbye to Will and hello to Johnny. She's finally ready to move on.

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