Friday, March 13, 2015

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Sorry for the lateness, this is what happens when you play GTA all night.

S3 E9
So what did we learn last week? No one gives a shit about Proctor other than his right hand man, his niece, and for some stupid reason Brock's ex-wife. That girl is so lonely it's actually sad to watch. But the actual take away of the show is this: When you want to kill a guy, just shoot him in the head. Stop talking and stop getting so close that you get your nose bit off. Damn these amateurs really ruined it for me. I hate stupid villains. There is nothing wrong with just taking a gun and shooting them in the head. I don't need villains to be clever with their demise. It's unnecessary.

Sorry about that, had to vent that out. Anyway, our heroes (can we call them heroes? Whatever that's what I'm going to do) were all taken except for Hood. So this season will end with our fallen hero saving hid comrades from demise. You know what that means. Lots of fighting, guns, and explosion. Hopefully this save will patch up the rift between Hood and Job. Save him first that'll show him!

In other news, Deva was arrested for smoking weed and Gordon was going to leave her there. I agreed with this tactic because nothing else was working. But it didn't last long because Hood took her home. Also, Gordon and Carrie might work things out and get back together. No, just no. I don't want to see that and I can't see that happening. Eww!

Remember tonight will be the season 3 finale so make sure you watch!

S1 E8
Nikita reunion and children everywhere! It was nice to see Xander Berkeley not playing as the villain, but I guess he kind of is the villain in this too, but I don't think so and here is why: yes diseases mutate, but that doesn't stop us from finding a cure. The flu mutates all the time, which is why the flu shot from this season didn't really work, but we still have the flu shot, so I wasn't really on Dr. Railly's side. They should be looking for a cure and I don't hate him for that. However, I do hate him for starting that coup. I think his Nikita persona got the best of him and took over. I'm against taking the core, but they need to in order to advance the story.

As for the kids, we found out Dr. Railly had a daughter that died and Ramse has a son with the love of his life. BTW, she is a blonde. There is such a thing called dirty blondes you know.

As for our hero, I was wondering how they were going to bring him back from the dead and the thing was he wasn't dead at all. I guess everyone can survive an explosion now The Blacklist and 12 Monkeys can be added to the list. Anyway, when Dr. Railly tried to bring him back, he jumped to 2017 where the plague already spread, which means he didn't stop it in 2015, which means there must be some other way the plague started. Any ideas?

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