Thursday, March 12, 2015

Empire Sins Of The Father Music

Hey People,

There was just so many songs that I liked from the last episode that I had to add all of them to my new Empire collection I'm creating.

Best song of the night and it only had a minute of play, but I caught its greatness. Jennifer Hudson can do no wrong. Glad she'll be in the finale because I didn't get enough of her in the last episode. Was I the only who thought she was going to sex Andre?

Remember The Music - Jennifer Hudson

The is a remake of a previous song of Mary J. Blige but instead of Usher it has Terrance Howard. I heard both versions today and I actually like this one better. I love Usher, but someone put it best when they said his voice sounds young with Blige and Howard gives it that older sounding voice. 

Shake Down - Mary J Blige feat. Terrance Howard

This song means more when you know the back-story to it. I bet this will be the new anthem for anyone who is named Lola. Too bad Jamal wasn't the baby-daddy.

Lola - Jussie Smollett feat. Yazz

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