Monday, September 29, 2014

The Good Wife S6 E2 Review

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I guess the prediction last week of Cary and Carey being mixed up can be squashed now. It was Cary, but it was him answering hypothetical questions.

Ugh, man do I hate dislike women who feel the need to have a man in charge that's like the total opposite of what The Good Wife is about so I loved when Alicia rolled her eyes at the fact.

After this whole Cary case is over, I wonder if Florrick, Agos, & Lockhart (FAL) will keep Bishop as a client. He's more trouble than he's worth. I don't think they can risk their lawyers going to jail and they don't need the money anymore since Diane brought a bunch of change and people to the company. But it seems that it will be a while for this case to be done. I mean if your scared of your client to the point that you actually have to hide your kids from his personal lawyer, then I think you need to reevaluate your situation.

Wasn't it great to have an attorney tell you how they should have hired you? The greatest satisfaction in the world is to prove someone wrong.

Isn't Eli a devious little fellow? I can't believe he lied to Alicia. I hope this doesn't come to bite him in the *ss. I was actually hoping that his plan would work and that Alicia would get so upset over something Castro would say that she would run just to prove him wrong sort of like what Eli did to Peter.

I love Robyn's analogy. "We're like a funky coffeehouse with all the great used couches and we make the best coffee." We need more Robyn and more Robyn analogies. It's great to see Robyn such a huge asset for Alicia that she won't go into a meeting without her, that is, as long as it's not Bishop.

Alicia: "I just wanted you to do the right thing because the man I married would have."
Peter: "Well that's interesting because the woman I married never would have asked."
Me: "Sting! So I'm guessing you two aren't on good terms yet."

So the big question that will be on everyone's mind going into next weeks episode is did Kalinda give up the name Cary needs. See Kalinda should be smarter than that. She should have never went to Bishop in the first place. Just her telling Bishop that he was the most favorable witness for Cary hinted to him not being the snitch. Bishop knows he killed the wrong the man and that puts Kalinda and the gang in a bind. Now if Kalinda never told him, he would have thought he killed the right man and left everything alone, but what's done is done. So did Kalinda give him the name? If she doesn't, then they both die. It's a lose-lose situation; however, one is favorable than the other for them. I think Kalinda did tell him because she cares about Cary. We'll know the answer by the next episode. Just for fun I asked my father what he thought and he said he wouldn't speculate, but I asked my brother the same question and explained the situation (my brother doesn't watch) and he said he would leave the lawyer in there. This is my family folks.

Someone made a good point about the walkout Diane, Dean, and the gang did. They left with dignity. I mean, Diane strutted out of her office like a boss compared to how Alicia left.

Now about that ending, Alicia and Cary's relationship felt like a mother-son moment. It was a nice welcome back and it was a great way to end their feud. I may never forget about Cary did, but I can definitely move on from it. But it also makes me wonder, why couldn't we get a moment like this with Alicia and Kalinda? Maybe we will since Kalinda and Alicia will be working together once again.

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P.S. Apparently there is some controversy about Valerie Jarrett showing up on TGW. I didn't even know who she was, but I could tell she was an actual politician. To the people that say they aren't going to watch the show anymore because she was on for 5 minutes, don't let the door hit you on your way out.

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