Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Recap

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So it turns out there were 2 episodes for Forever that premiered last week and I reviewed the first one, so let's talk about the 2nd one.

The case of the week is a woman jumping over the bridge, but it turns out she was trying to stop a colleague of hers from committing suicide. Turns out the colleague planned it all along because he didn't have his name on a stupid paper. He also took out the professor, which was his undoing.

Great thing about this episode is we got to finally see Lorraine Toussaint, but they never really explain what happened to the other lieutenant and why she's replacing her, but you do get a sense that Toussaint's character is new to the precinct.

We also find out that the mysterious caller has lived for 2000 years. Man knew Jesus. I wonder if they were buddies. Apparently, he's likes to kill people because it's fun and he's bored so maybe he wasn't friends with Jesus.

Chicago Fire Season 3 Poster
Last week, I said that someone better come out dead and the good thing is someone did die, the bad thing is they chose the wrong character. Why Shay? Lesbians are in an uproar. I'm actually shocked that they killed a woman. I mean there are only 2 in the show and they just killed one of them. I just did not see that coming for that reason.

Best moment of the night was Dawson in therapy. I thought she was taking it hard because Shay was her best friend, but she was actually taking it harder because Shay switched places with her. What can you say to that?

Severide will be back tonight in uniform. Me thinks Casey and Dawson will have some trouble in paradise, since she's not telling him that she's going to therapy. Hopefully, Boden is over his "I don't want to be entertained" problem. For the rest, we'll see if Molly's gets a sister restaurant.

Question: Why is Shay on the Season 3 poster?

It's so hard to save a life when you have to follow rules and Reese and Finch learn that the hard way. At least Finch is now on board with saving a life. I'm glad they didn't dwell on his indecision to help.

The team help save a father and son and in return they have a network that only they have access to. Now it'll be a little bit easier to go under the radar of Samaritan.

Reese now works as a detective and has Fusco as his partner (a little bit of a sting that he's using Carter's desk). Shaw's "date" turned out to be an undercover operation, so I guess perfume lady by day, runaway driver by night. Finch is a professor, who apparently isn't popular, but he may have stumbled into another library for them to use at the end of the episode.

Now let's see what happens tonight when they all have to live double lives.

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