Saturday, September 27, 2014

Forever Pilot Review

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So I finally watched New Amsterdam Forever and thought "Wow, this is probably the best premiere I've seen so far." However, that's not saying much because I think 2014 fall seasons are under performing as a whole because not one show has amazed me until now and I only think it did that because I had no idea what this show was about before I watched it. Let me explain.

Summary: A sexy man is immortal and cannot die no matter how hard he tries, but he hasn't lived either. Of course he has lived many lives dedicating them to studying death and why he keeps escaping it, but this sexy man has not lived one of his full lives and apparently that's all about to change.

Okay let's just get this out of the way. This show is totally like New Amsterdam that it's not even funny. I mean down to even the train and sons. However, I do not mind that. I loved New Amsterdam and was sad that it was cancelled. I thought it had a great concept, but everything happens for a reason. I mean Nikolaj Coster-Waldau wouldn't be playing Jamie Lannister on The Game of Thrones if it didn't. So I'm glad this show brought the concept back, but I also think they made it better.

So how did they improve on this concept? Well I think they made it funnier, a little bit lighter in spirit. New Amsterdam was very serious, but Forever seems to play into the whole I have no idea why I keep coming back by finding fun ways to die. I also thought it was interesting to see him as the doctor and the woman as the cop. Usually, you would see the roles in reverse, so that was an interesting take. I also noticed that this show does a little bit of everything. You have the Bones concept (cop & doctor), you have the Elementary concept (deductive reasoning), and of course the living forever thing New Amsterdam. I guess the show really wanted to cover its bases.

Now will this cop and doctor relationship ever become something more? I'm not sure. It's way too early to tell. I mean the woman's husband just died less than a year ago. I don't think she's thinking who my next hubby will be. However, there is chemistry there if they were to go down that road, hopefully, seasons from now and I'm not even sure they will even get that far. Ratings were not that spectacular.

I did read some comments saying how they just stumbled onto the show and liked what they saw, so I guess I'm not the only one that didn't know about this show.However, there were some people who questioned what happens to his body when he dies? I thought it was implied that his body disappears. Then someone asked a great question, if his body disappears, then how has he held onto that watch for so long? I'm really not sure and maybe they'll answer that question eventually or maybe the watch has to do with his immortality. But if I had to come up with a theory, I would say it's because he doesn't die as often as we saw him in the premiere and that when he does die he always returns for the watch. That's the only thing I could come up with.

Cast: We have the sexy man played by Ioan Gruffudd (Ringer), the cop lady Alana de la Garza (Law & Order--I've never seen it), Lorraine Toussaint (Orange is the New Black) who wasn't even in the pilot, playing as another squint Joel David Moore (Bones, Avatar), and veteran Judd Hirsch (Taxi). You may also like to know Chris Fedak (creator of Chuck) is also an executive producer.

Judgement: I love the story so far so I'm definitely going to continue especially since the mythology is he's not the only one that has this "curse". It gets a season pass from me, but I'm already worried about how long that season may be, which is not a good sign.

Diary: I would love to write a diary for this, but I can't write it on a procedural. No diary.

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