Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Affair S1 E1: He Said, She Said, Truth

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It's time to play "He Said, She Said, Truth" where we look at both perspectives and see who was most likely telling the truth.
  1. Choking on a marble and the restroom
    • Noah: He patted her back to save his daughter and then went to go check on his son in the restroom after the incident. He ran into Alison coming out of one the bathrooms and saw her crying because of his daughter and said kids will be kids. After his family finished eating, they were all in the van until Noah realized he forgot to leave a tip and went back to tip Alison. Finally, they introduce themselves to each other.
    • Alison: Alison told Noah to turn his daughter upside down so she could spit out the marble. Alison stepped in and patted her on the back to spit out the marble. Alison then proceeded to the bathroom to throw up until she heard a knock at the door. It was Noah coming to thank her and ask her if she wanted a reward to which she said no. Then Noah asked if she was going to come back to finish taking their order. Finally, they introduce themselves to each other.
    • Truth: I'm going to have to go with Noah's version. There is no way that someone could see someone so distraught that they had to go to the bathroom and then ask them if they were going to finish taking their order. If Noah was that much of an ass, then I don't see why she would start this affair to begin with. Secondly, I don't get the whole upside down, pat them on the back trick. Does that even work? More likely Noah patted his daughter on the back in his version.
  2. The cigarettes and the beach
    • Noah: Noah walks over to the bonfire and discovers Alison there. He says he's not the surfer type implying that he wasn't going to walk over to the bonfire and Alison suggests if he could walk her home to which he says sure. Alison offers him a cigarette, which eventually he does take.
    • Alison: Alison was walking away from the bonfire and Noah was walking towards the bonfire and when they meet Noah says he could have used the introduction at the bonfire. They explain where they're staying at. Noah decides not to go to the bonfire because the people looked way too cool. Noah offers Alison a French cigarette and explains he only smokes on vacation and even then only French cigarettes to prevent himself from smoking. Noah wants to repay Alison for what she did for his daughter so he offers to walk her home.
    • Truth: I'm going to have to go with Alison on this. She just knew so many details about the cigarettes. In Noah's version, it makes no sense for him to walk over to the bonfire and then decide not to go, while in Alison's version he did want to go, but then decided against it.
     3.  The outdoor showers and that sex (rape?) scene
    • Noah: Noah at first rejects the invitation to see the outdoor shower, but with the lure of Alison he's enticed to have a look. Alison asks Noah if he wanted to try it while removing her clothes simultaneously and then starts to take a shower. Noah feels uncomfortable and decides to leave. While he's leaving walking away, he hears yelling and decides to walk back and sees Alison and this man screaming at each other. The man then turns Alison around and does her from behind.
    • Alison: Noah notices the outdoor shower and wants to check it out. Alison innocently asks Noah if he wants to try it out. Noah instead says that he should go home. Noah then kisses Alison on the cheek (must be the French in him), but he doesn't know why he did it. Alison then takes a shower alone. By the time she comes out, her husband comes home and they start yelling at each other about how the child they lost has affected them. After an affectionate hug, things heat up to the point where Alison is bent over the car, while her husband does her from the back. While she's having her orgasm, she notices Noah watching.
    • Truth: I think this one is a mixture of both. I think Alison was more on point with her story with the shower incident, but maybe not the kiss on the cheek. I don't think the kiss happened. Noah so far has had no indication that he even does that to new women that he meets, and furthermore, he just had sex with his wife so it makes even less sense. Also, in Alison's version he didn't even know why he did it. The sex or maybe rape scene depending on who's version you're looking at could have been taken either way, which I guess is the point of this entire show. I do believe Noah is correct here with his version. He heard yelling and circled back. But I believe in both versions, she was enjoying the sex she was having with her husband. 
This was actually fun and I hope to do more of these. I will have the review up soon this week so watch out for that. 

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