Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Good Wife S6 E6 Review

Hey People,

For the record, I would totally vote for an atheist and I'm not an atheist. I would just know for a fact they wouldn't govern using their religion. I feel like atheist get a bad rep because some people think if you're an atheist, then you don't have any morals and your ethics went out the window.

So Marissa is back and as a body woman no less. Had no idea food testers still existed except for presidents. She's a spy, but it's Marissa so who cares. She's too much fun.

Elsbeth and Josh, omg they were made for each other. As much as I love Elsbeth on the show, I actually think this was too much of her even for me and I love her to death. The smelling of the hair,hands, and babies, I just don't know this type of foreplay. However, I do have to give credit for the Kings using the song "Call Me, Maybe". Never in a million years would I think that song would be playing on TGW. I will admit, I did start singing along and I'm pretty sure my father looked at me like I was crazy. I love how Elsbeth pulled the same trick that got Will out of a tough situation and used it on Josh. Got to love Illinois for that law. Btw, who the h*ll was Elsbeth married to and is he just as crazy? Elsbeth should definitely fire Fantasia.

A lot of people think Cary is being pushed around by a bunch of women and to that I say stop being sexist. If it were men who were opposing him they wouldn't be such a problem. But it is true that Diane brought it up to Alicia that women would rule the firm, but everyone has to remember, Alicia, Diane, and Cary aren't the only ones voting, the other partners vote too. So quit your b*tch*ng people and stop being sexist.

Speaking of Cary, it's kind of sad that he was an outcast at the party, but I am glad to find out he isn't completely stuck on Kalinda. Cary went to Indiana and almost went to jail again. I'm glad the judge was fair. You break the law, then you break it. My Dad said he felt bad for Cary and I said I wasn't I feel bad for the guy who went back to jail for going to his child's birthday party. You don't get a 3rd chance Cary, but now that Cary can't see Kalinda, I hope this doesn't become a Romeo and Juliet type situation.

The lease to L/G was up for debate. First it was the round of violations, then it became about Diane leaving L/G and therefore can't be the owner. so that's when they get the no-pants Howard to sign onto F/A/L. With him on, L/G became F/A/L.

On the political front, Alicia has to put on a front about her non-religion. She again calls on Grace to help her prepare. I like seeing Grace, but I don't like how the only time we get to see her is when it's about religion. There has to be more to her than just that. Alicia fakes her struggles and feels guilty because of it. I feel worse for Grace, who has to lie just because her mother is in politics.

Now for that ending. I teared up at the end when Alicia sat in Will's seat. It's nice to know this show doesn't just move on as if the person didn't exist and they don't just mention it as a throwback either. Will's death will be a constant reminder to these characters and I'm glad about that because how life is. You don't just forget and move on after a couple of episodes. With the head nod showing Diane's approval of Alicia sitting behind the desk and her smiling back, it was a bitter sweet ending. Brilliant! No one else should be behind the desk other than Alicia.

I just want to make this clear to some people because my father and my friend both missed this. Cary wanted David Lee's office. I swear the people that missed this are the same people that are saying Cary is being pushed out.

Luv ya,

P.S. I realized that Alicia isn't driving anymore. If I was her and I won, I would totally get the cop, who made me walk a line, fired.

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