Thursday, October 30, 2014

Previously On...Thursday

Hey People,

I don't know about you, but I was kind of bored the last episode. Nothing significant really happened during the last episode other than the burning of the boat and maybe Tom backtracking that phone call, but that depends on what happens next.

So Beth knows about the affair and Mark is acting like the only thing he's done wrong so far was not tell her about Chloe. However, Chloe and her Mark's conversation was definitely heated. He argued for her not to talk to her like that and she argued he lost the privilege to tell her anything when he started his affair. Like I said, heated. Will Mark tell her the truth, I doubt it, but you never know.

Susan Wright is weird. I swear if it comes down to me killing a chicken to save myself from starvation, I'm probably going to die. Kind of felt bad for her even though I think she's weird. Being stood up sucks,

The priest vs. the psychic well that was a fun little moment. But psychic had a point, if anyone would understand him, it would be him. Man is just jealous because he can't hear God.

Owen and Rennee (I don't why she hasn't left yet) seem like the most pointless characters to date. The add nothing to the show. At least Gemma had the awkward conversation with Carver (don't call him Emmett). As for Dean, well not everything is about race and you were let go so suck it up and deal with your uncle issues.

I'm with Laurel, finally a case that made sense for the most part and I could get behind. This was a good case-of-the-week.

"The way you get them is the way they leave you." You should memorize this quote Annalise. Sam gets out after that horrible explanation and who knows if what he was saying was true about the dead girl pursuing him.

At first, I was like how is the judge really going to rule in the favor of the prosecutor when they pull a stunt like that, so glad they backdoored it and because of Laurel, a mistrial occurred, which is just as good.

Ex-ex-detective (one ex for Annalise and another ex for not being a cop thanks to little Ms. have-a-crush-on-your-husband) finally told Annalise that he lied to her about where her husband was the night of the murder. Say bye-bye to using the dead girl's phone as evidence. But since Rebecca had to go pee, she saw the wallpaper and told Wes, who then went to go check for himself. Now what?

Rebecca is trying to get out of town, Laurel kissed Frank, and Wes knows Annalise's secret. Mr. Darcy, I know your secret.

What is with this show? I feel like the writers have stated that there needs to be at least one sex scene and at least two gay characters in each episode.

And how cute was Viola without her wig on at the end of the episode? She looked so vulnerable and adorable. I like that side of the character.

Luv ya,

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