Friday, October 24, 2014

Reign S2 E4 Diary

Dear Diary,

A christening? Why so many parties? Are we going to celebrate the baby's first poop as well? I haven't heard who would be the godparents yet, but whatever. It's not like it changes my life. I did hear that Lola is moving outside the castle. I wonder if Mary kicked her out the castle out of jealousy. I've never seen her resent Lola, so that can't be it.

Anyway, I saw Leith back at the Castle. I heard he got his land taken away by Douchebag Sr. Maybe I should talk to him about getting revenge on him. He was one of us before. I also saw his new bride. Way to young for him and girl looked as scared as can be.

Mary's pregnant! Final-fickin'-ly, it's about time. I'm guessing there will be a party for that too. Whoopdeedoo.

There are so many rumors these days and I just heard a weird one. Apparently, DB Sr. has had a few wives before and they all get killed in an awful way. When will someone kill this guy already?

During the party, there was a ruckus. DB Sr.'s wife-to-be can't be found. Me thinks she escaped.

As I was walking to the christening, I saw the King's cousin taking Mary back to the castle. To me, she seemed in pain. I hope the baby is alright.

Okay well that was a waste of time. Chick went off the cliff. Ugh, this makes me think it's pointless to help people. Okay, maybe we shouldn't help the crazy people. I heard a man killed his whole family because they took his soul. Obviously, this man is nuts.

I can't believe I got stuck lighting these lanterns. All because Mary lost her baby. Yes that sucks, but I can argue that this job sucks more. I have to light another 100. Until next time, Dairy.

Luv ya,

P.S. Mary's the godparent. Anyone surprised by this?

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