Thursday, October 23, 2014

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I really hate Mark Solano. I'm pretty sure he didn't do, but omg man you seriously wasted time some valuable time. I love how he goes to Gemma and says that they did was stupid and he really was about to make the same stupid mistake. I guess if his son's death is his punishment, then he'll enjoy the it as much as possible.

Beth still hasn't told anyone that she's pregnant other than the priest, but it seems like the medium might help her. He offered three facts for her about her son. 1) He's not in pain 2) He was on a boat 3) He knew his killer well and he doesn't want his mom to be upset. If the medium is right, then that means we can cross Beth off the list. But it seems like Beth couldn't cross Mark off her list since she asked him point blank if he did it or not.

How did Chloe know about her father's affair is something we haven't found out about yet. Actually, there is a lot about Chloe will still haven't been told--her boyfriend, the drugs, the affair. She's starting to become suspicious to me. I mean, she could have sneaked out for all we know.

As for the reporter, if no one is going to talk to you just go home. I swear, her screen time consists of her announcing her name and where she works and people walking away.

Ellie's son gave his statement last episode, but nothing substantial. No one has yet figured out about him deleting his text messages and wiping out his hard drive.

As for Carver, he's still miserable as ever, but at least we know he doesn't have a drug problem just maybe a cancer problem or some type of health issue. Oh and Ellie and him still don't get along. Now who does that phone number belong to? Whoever it is, is not the killer.

Okay at least this case of the week was more believable than the last-inside trading. Wow what a throwback I had while watching this episode. The cop from Malcom & Eddie and the voice of Dijonay from The Proud Family, Karen White! I haven't seen her in years, but still playing those headstrong woman roles. Apparently, Elizabeth Perkins likes to act in shows named How to... And once I saw Sara Paxton, I knew she would be behind it, I just didn't know she had help until Connor slept with him. Can we please stop seeing Connor as a man wh*re? So glad he got kicked to the curb by the technician. Anyway, they pieced it together that 3 of her own people set her up. End of the case of the week. Oh almost forgot, one of them commits suicide by falling out of the window. Okay, now it's the end.

And now we move to the present time. We find out that after the burning of the body, Connor goes to the tech's place and has his breakdown there.

Back to in the past, Wes earns Rebecca's trust and gets the password to the phone. She also makes bail. Wes decides to come clean to Annalise about the phone and that's when we hear those 9 words, "Why do TV when I can do movies, b*tches?" "Why is your penis on a dead girl's phone?"

This has to be said, Viola Davis taking off her makeup and add ons was epic. Really speaks volumes to women everywhere. Makeup doesn't make you epic. And to tell you the truth, I thought she didn't really need it. She's still the same to me--amazing.

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