Friday, October 17, 2014

Reign S2 E3 Diary

Dear Diary,

Extravagant much? How can France afford these decorations? At first, I thought it was crazy to have this much amount of entertainment, but Catherine is right. France cannot afford to look weak.

2 of Mary's ladies were talking to another bunch of ladies and Kenna was getting picked on because she no longer has a house of her own.

Looking around, I overheard talk about Douchebag Sr. still not supplying grain using every delaying tactic in the book. Too bad people are already getting killed stealing food.

Let the dancing commence! Francis makes a deal with a noble for grain and Mary gets an offer for a German that if France releases Protestants from prison, he will supply their grain. But Francis doesn't want to upset the Catholic nobles while they're here so he decides the noble's grain will be enough for now.

Meanwhile, Kenna get's an offer from a woman that didn't mock her to help her with her situation.

I couldn't sleep last night so I decided to walk around the castle and I think I saw something that I shouldn't have. DB Sr. was threatening the noble who can solve France's problem. I guess no grain for us.

The German was about to leave, but Mary decides to take it upon herself to make the deal with him and frees the prisoners. I wonder how Francis is going to feel about that. Btw, where is Francis?

Turns out the "friend" Kenna thought she made was actually the evilest of them all. She only befriended Kenna to bribe her with a gift so her husband wouldn't be investigated for a possible murder. Choose your friends wisely Kenna.

Apparently, someone took the prisoners 2 days ago. The German was not happy about it. Made a spectacle of himself, really. Mary figures it out that the long distant cousin of Francis took them to exchange for the ship his lover is on. Distant cousin finds it in his heart to return the prisoners and luckily for him, Germany is now in good relations with France so the ship was let go and his lover could go back to her family.

Kenna destroys the evidence Bash needed to put away the noble killer to save Bash's life. However, Bash wants to be a different in his role. It seems like everyone wants to be ethical, but we all know, Diary, sometimes it's not that easy.

Luv ya,

P.S. The Coronation was awesome. That is all.

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