Friday, October 17, 2014

The Affair Pilot Review

Hey People,

So I watched The Affair and I heard how different this show was and wanted to check it out. Besides, I really like the topic of infidelity and wanted to see how well they could do it because I think most shows can't pull it off. I thought this show was interesting and I have noticed most people use this word to describe The Affair, but it's the perfect word to describe it. Let me explain.

Summary: It's affair, but the reason why they're telling this story is a whole other story.

I like the way the writers tell this story because as they say, it takes two to tango so I'm glad we get to see both the male and female perspective of how this affair came to be. It is interesting however that some situations have a drastic change like how the girl spit out the marble. Something that serious, shouldn't differ that drastically as to how it was spit out. I mean, I think people would remember if she was turned upside down or not, but that's just me. However, as we later find out this story took place awhile ago. So long ago that the female has a child to pick up when she wasn't even pregnant (or have a kid since he already died in 2012) when she met the male. So we can assume it's been at least 9 months. Then again, maybe she adopted. Or maybe they're together now and she refers to his kids as her. Just throwing things out there.

So why are they telling their affair to a cop, most likely a detective. I'm guessing someone is dead. I mean why else would they be interrogating them in the interrogation room? Now, I'm guessing it's one of the spouses or maybe it's one of the kids who were neglected because the male was out having an affair and the kid got him/herself killed on their own. That's gruesome, but I'm just stating the possibilities. Speaking of the kids, omg I want to kill them, especially the older two, the younger two aren't that bad. I mean what type of kid pretends to hang themselves. That's just f*cked up. I couldn't believe the male reacted so calmly. Yes, he was upset, but it wasn't enough for the sh*t that kid just pulled. His wife is cool though and at least we know there was nothing wrong in the bedroom area since they try to have sex every second they get (that's what you get for having so many kids).

As for the female, she seems stuck and it's not like she doesn't have sex with her husband, it's just that ever since their child died, they can't move forward. Well, she's having a hard time moving on with her life.

Cast: Never seen Dominic West because I never saw The Wire, Ruth Wilson who played the creepy, yet intriguing girl on Luther, Maura Tierney from ER, The Good Wife, Liar Liar as well as Joshua Jackson most notable for playing Pacey in Dawson's Creek and Peter in one of my favorites Fringe.

Judgement: Like I said, most people have said this show is interesting and it is. I say give it a try and if you like it, then keep watching. If you're intrigued and haven't watched it yet, then click here.

Diary: I will not be writing a diary for this, nor a review; however, I will be playing a game with the show called "He Said, She Said, Truth" and so each week I will write both of their perspectives out and tell you my opinion of which one most likely happened. It's a fun take on the show so even if you don't watch it, you can still see what's going on.

Luv ya,

P.S. I just wanted to say it's kind of funny that the two who are having the affair are both British while the two who are going to get cheated on are American. What are you trying to say casters?

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