Thursday, October 16, 2014

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Hey People,

Shall we get right into it? Okay so Det. Carver definitely has a drug problem either that or he has diabetes. However, I'm not surprised by the way he looks and acts.

Man do I hate Mark Solano. He is clearly lying and yet still continues to lie about what he was doing. No one cares if you were having an affair with your friend you can't remember the name of. Instead of the police wasting time on you, they could dedicate their time in finding the real killer, but they can't do that if you keep making yourself a suspect.

So Beth Solano is pregnant. She was pretty mad about the whole thing and that could be due to the fact that she just lost a child, but are we sure Mark is the father? And obviously something went on before that priest became a priest. Why is Beth's mother sending the priest to the rescue?

Susan Wright has his skateboard. I think she just took it because she likes to take things. She seems like a scavenger type to me.

Owen is kind of annoying too. He writes the crime section at the Gracepoint Journal. So what does he report on most of the time if it's a peaceful town (you know when little kids aren't getting killed)? Speaking of reporters, me thinks Chloe is definitely going to give Renee a ring. Ugh Chloe, you already have dealing cocaine on the list of stupid things you've done, you don't have to add chatting up to a reporter to list as well. As for Gemma, I don't know what type of innkeeper would get drugs for their customers. I guess she's very dedicated to her job.

Because Mark seemed like the biggest suspect in the episode, we can cross him off the list. I also think he's too stupid to do the crime.

I was not happy about this episode. I know girl likes a challenge, but when they have the woman's fingerprints, have witnesses who collaborated with her saying she did it, and the fact that it's really hard to prove being brainwashed, you kind of let this one go. A good lawyer would have advised her to take the 10 years. A great lawyer would have argued for a lower sentence. I can't believe they argued for brainwashing that's why I was so happy when she skipped town with her ex-con lover so I didn't have to witness the unbelievable verdict if they did win. It was great to see Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty) again. I don't watch Devious Maids.

Connor lost the trophy for doubting the master, while Wes gained it for speaking up for the defenseless, even though I did think his speech was a bit much. Speaking of Connor, Michaela finds out that her fiance used to sleep with Connor, but no homo because he's not gay. And Laurel finds out that Frank has a thing for her and we find out that Frank isn't a lawyer, but an investigator.

Nate looks into Sam's alibi and we find out that he has none, but Nate tells Annalise otherwise. Why does Nate lie to her? I think it's because he wants to get back into the good graces of his precinct since he's on probation (bonus he gets Annalise back for what she did to him).

In the present time, it was focused on Michaela's perspective and we find out they took pictures at the bonfire to cover their tracks just in case they need an alibi and we also find out that Michaela loses her engagement ring. That thing was too big for her anyway.

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