Friday, October 10, 2014

Reign S2 E2 Diary

Dear Diary,

The king is back? But he didn't return alone. Lola is right by his side holding her baby in her arms. Being a mother suits her quite nicely. I wonder how a baby will fit into the queen's equation.

Someone is a bit nosy. The father of douchebag came out of hiding to find his son already dead at the castle. Catherine explained to douchebag senior that he died among the servants. Douchebag Sr. then went to the dungeon to find out that someone who is immune to the plague had survived and for some damn reason DB Sr. wants the detail of his son's death.

The walls at the castle are way too thin, probably because there are secret passageways everywhere you go. I can hear everything, so of course I overheard Mary telling Francis the truth about who killed the douchebag and then Catherine couldn't help herself, but add in her two cents as well. So when Mary pays DB Sr. a visit she finds out DB Jr. was just following orders given by DB Sr. He knew Mary was behind his son's death and he would punish her by killing her subjects.

Turns out when the plague was going on people were killing people and used the plague as a cover up. Well that's one way to do it.

Meanwhile, Greer tells Castleroy that she went to visit Leith and that he feels terrible about the whole situation. Castleroy tells Greer that he didn't think being 2nd in her heart would be such sh*tty position. He leaves and says he might come back. I'm going to take that as a no.

I love how the priest didn't have a problem telling Mary what was said during a confession, but was scared of DB Sr. And so came the trick of the day. You see Diary, Francis and Mary didn't have any proof of the wrong doings of DB Sr. so they had to improvise. They let DB Sr. conclude that Mary had letters incriminating DB Sr., but they were fake. Francis destroyed the letters when DB Sr. agreed to let everyone live with the addition of some land. It just so happened that the land appointed to him is or was Leith's. Back to square one with him.

Nostradamus leaves to Castle to get away. I wonder if he'll be back. That's all for now Diary. I'll keep you posted.

Luv ya,

P.S. So many people have died since the plague that I feel like their spirits are still here. I must be going crazy.

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