Sunday, October 12, 2014

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Hey People.

Okay So I was a bit confused on when Bellamy died, but last week's episode really cleared that up for me. Man was shot and Jacob knew the whole time. Damn Jacob speak up about it. This isn't The Sixth Sense. 

Jacob is curious about death. Margaret is a bit scary in this episode (almost thought she was going to hit Henry), but all she's looking for is familiarity and apparently dead bodies. Still don't know how she knew they were there.

Pastor Tom is having some difficulty handling his feelings. Really feel bad for him and glad I'm not in his shoes. But I do have to say, it did seem like he was making love to someone else. I wonder what would have happened if it was Rachael. Actually, I'm pretty sure at first he thought it was Rachael. It doesn't help that I think both of the actresses look alike. Like seriously in another show, they could play as sisters. Let me just add love the face Rachael had when she saw Janine back in the house.

Finally, another returned...well...returned, but then disappeared. Still have no idea why, but maybe we'll find out more tonight.

Okay I know I said I would quit writing about this show, but I watched it because I was waiting for The Good Wife to start and I have to say that last episode was horrible. Really, Madam Secretary writers?

I found this article that pretty much summed up my feelings about that episode.

I made the right decision in not adding Madam Secretary to my list of shows that's all I have to say.

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