Monday, October 6, 2014

The Good Wife S6 E3 Review

Dear God,

See I usually always start out with "Hey People", but since Dear God is the name of the episode, I thought it was appropriate.

Okay, I think this just needs to be said. I have never heard Kalinda's voice above a whisper, now that I think about it, I don't remember her ever getting mad either, but whatever Cary was doing to Kalinda to make that sound, he needs to do it more often. I'm still not shipping this couple though because who knows what other noises she was making when she was with that detective lady when Cary was being arrested.

I remember back in the early days (first season?), Cary didn't like to go to court. He was afraid of it, but he always "won" his suits with settlements. It wasn't far-fetched to believe that Cary would be the one to listen to his clients wants instead of going after it all.

Binding Christian Arbitration is the real deal. It actually exists, not that I doubted its existence since TGW is not known to make these types of things up. The Mathrew Process is basically getting all your true feelings out and deciding in a peaceful way who should be at fault. Headed by the guy who was House's b*tch in House. I actually don't like how I have b*tch in this paragraph, but since I'm too lazy to think of a proper word, it's staying.

Alicia and the gang had to come up with another strategy to win this case since law doesn't really help, unless you're talking about the law of God, which in that case it does. So who is there for Alicia to turn to? This had to be my 2nd favorite scene in the episode. We got to see Alicia have a great moment Grace and I wasn't the only who thought so. A few Christians have said it was nice to be portrayed in such a positive light and what Grace said was true and honest. The Bible shouldn't be taken word for word, but the message behind it is what you should take away. Some people just have the tendency to take the wrong message.

In the end, I kind I was glad there was a settlement because on one side, the guy clearly broke the law (6% to 89%, nuff said), and on the other, he was a monopolist (I hate monopolies).

So now we know for sure that Kalinda gave up the name, but she made sure to give the guy a head start, whether he's still alive is up for debate, but not worth debating about. You know what is worth a debate? Finding out whatever happened to Kalinda's husband. Oh yes Kings, I still want answers.

With the CI out of the picture, the DA doesn't really have a case. However, the DA thinks the defense intimidated the witness which is why he's MIA. So once again Cary is under fire because he was with Kalinda the same day the CI went missing. However, the DA couldn't connect the dots and Cary got stay out of jail with the recommendation by the phone lady.

Now about that #1 scene of the night between Castro and Alicia, he was just asking for it. Throughout the entire episode, Alicia was being questioned about her running and she always responded with a "I'm not running". But all it took was for Castro to press the right button.

Castro: I'm going to lock up your partner
Alicia: I'm not running.
Castro: You just want to keep Bishop out of jail.
Alicia: I'm still not running.
Castro: You're just mad because your lover got gunned down in my court.
Alicia: I'm not...WTF did you just say?

Will Gardner, that's all it took, not Gloria Steinem (who had some amazing acting chops), who was in the back of Alicia's mind all episode. Nope, someone had to press her about Will for her to change her mind and I think that speaks volumes right there.

Wasn't it funny how Eli knew it was Alicia before he saw who came in? Eli, you're a little bit too good at your job.

Luv ya,

P.S. Someone made a funny joke that the phone lady wasn't really talking to anyone on the phone, she just wanted them to wait.

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