Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Recap

Hey People,

Can I just say that this show truly reminds me of my childhood. I mean these characters remind me of watching the cartoon so much more than the movies. It's unbelievable.

Okay so apparently I got the Puppet Master (one of my favorite Batman villians) and the Dollmaker messed up. Anyway, I have no idea who this Dollmaker is but I saw a picture of him and he is not pretty.

So the Dollmaker's minion who were amazing, BTW. Love me some Lili Taylor. The minions gathered up street kids that no one cares about including the mayor. Why were they doing this? Not sure yet, but Gordon was able to stop whatever they were planning. This is how he meets Cat who will tell him who killed the Waynes as long as she doesn't have to go to I'm guessing the equivalence to juvie.

Meanwhile, Bruce is "testing his limits", Mooney is planning her takeover, and Penguin is...well...I guess he's figuring out that being a villain isn't so easy.

Okay I just have one critique. You can't go from cutting off a person's finger to pulling out a tooth. It should get more gruesome, not less.

So apparently there is a bank that all villains use. It's funny because the government uses the same bank. The bank doesn't keep any records of these types of transactions, but instead use a girl, who has photographic memory. I wish I could have that. Anyway, Red gets the team to handle the bank so he could get the girl, which would lead him to Berlin's money. Everyone should know a villain is not a villain if he doesn't have any money. (See Penguin above)

So Berlin has to choose between keeping his money or letting Red's wife go. He, of course, chooses his money, but the thing is Liz caught on as to why Red needed the girl and decided to move against him by stealing Berlin's money from Red. If Red doesn't have Berlin's money there's no way he was going to get his wife back. So Liz had to decide whether to release it back into Red's custody or keep it so Berlin would have a hard time hurting others.

She decides to give it back and Red gets his wife back, but she never sees him and probably doesn't know it was him who saved her. However, Liz does tell Red, the lives Berlin takes is on him now.

I just want to add that Berlin and Red have a great discussion before the exchange and Berlin admits that he knows the connection between him and Liz. Well that's great can you tell us, the viewers now?

Last thing, Samar works for Reddington. Who doesn't work for him?

May I say a wonderful job done by Stana Katic. I know some people hate the fact that this show is named Castle and yet they seem to think it's become the Beckett show. Well all I have to say to that is if you hate that, then you clearly hated the premiere of the 7th season.

Beckett was searching for Castle the whole time and I'm talking about months! When Castle does show up, he's unconscious and by the time he does wake up, he can't remember a thing. Some people were happy that the writers didn't give him full amnesia as in he can't even remember who he is or Beckett. I know if that story line did happen I would definitely be upset.

Here's my little tiff with the premiere and what I think a lot of people are trying to wrap their brains around, why did the team think Castle did this on purpose? We know from the 3XK incident that Castle has been set up before so why not now?

A lot of heat is coming down on Esposito. Some people even believe that he's in on it. Esposito assumed pretty early in the episode that Castle was guilty, but to me, I think Esposito always been like this--the pessimist, while Ryan has been the optimist that sees the good, which is why it took him longer to accuse Castle. Even Beckett had me worried that she didn't believe him.

What really bothers me is how they thought Castle would ever leave Alexis behind. Castle would be able to leave everyone behind including even Beckett, but there is no way in h*ll he would ever leave Alexis, which is why I guess his family was the only one not accusing him.

The writers may have delayed the wedding a bit longer, but as long as Castle and Beckett are still together, I honestly don't care.

Luv ya,

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