Sunday, October 5, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (19)

Sakiko: Why are you doing this to me?
Rumi: I’m trying to help you.
Sakiko: Let me save you the trouble by telling you how this day is going to end.
Rumi: And how is that?
Sakiko: Horribly.
Rumi: No it’s not. In the end, it’s all going work out. You’ll see. We’ll all get the answers that we’re looking for.
Sakiko: That’s what I’m afraid of.
Rumi: But I rather know than not at all.
Sakiko: Not me. Sometimes not knowing is the best gift anyone could give. Let me ask you question.
Rumi: Okay.
Sakiko: Have you ever thought about kissing Kimiko?
Rumi: What kind of question is that!?
Sakiko: Well ever since that day, I just wondered how something like that would start. Plus, you always talk about how beautiful and intelligent Kimiko is.
Rumi: Well that’s because it’s true.
Sakiko: Yea but the way you talk about her sometimes makes me wonder…
Rumi: What?
Sakiko: You tell me.
Rumi: I never once thought about kissing Kimiko. Never. I don’t even know how we could have that type of relationship when we don’t have any type of relationship.
Sakiko: You guys definitely have something.
Rumi: Well then please tell me.
Sakiko: It’s better than in my case. All of it was in my head. They probably were just laughing at me this whole time.
Rumi: Natsue would never do that to you. She cares about you, more than you know.
Sakiko: But does she care about me more than Itoe is what I want to know.
Rumi: Only she can answer that.
Sakiko: My stomach. I feel nervous now. What time did they say they were coming?
Rumi: They should be here any moment.
Sakiko: Maybe shopping will calm my nerves. This was a good idea.
Rumi: It wasn’t my idea. It was Anika’s.
Sakiko: Anika?
Anika: Hello Master Sakiko. Hello Master Rumi. Sorry I’m late.
Rumi: It’s fine. We’re still waiting for the others.
Sakiko: I’m confused. Anika what are you doing here?
Anika: Master Rumi invited me.
Sakiko: Can I have a word with you Rumi? Excuse us Anika, the Masters need to have a small chat.
Rumi: What?
Sakiko: You invited Anika?
Rumi: Well…
Sakiko: I thought Kimiko was coming.
Rumi: She is.
Sakiko: You can barely handle one Servant how are you going to juggle two?
Rumi: I won’t be.
Anika: I wonder what they’re talking about.
Sakiko: WHAT!!!!?
Rumi: Don’t go Sakiko!
Sakiko: I’m sorry Anika, but you came here for no reason today. This outing is now over.
Rumi: She didn’t mean that. I’ll talk to her. Stay here and wait for Megumi and Kimiko.
Anika: Yes, Master Rumi.
Sakiko: You never said anything about Megumi joining us.
Rumi: Well that’s because you wouldn’t have shown up if I did.
Sakiko: You lied.
Rumi: I didn’t lie. I just withheld the truth. Like you said, sometimes it’s better not knowing.
Sakiko: Well I’m not going back there. It’s hard enough that I have Natsue there, but Megumi on top of that, it’s just too much.
Rumi: And how do you think I feel?
Sakiko: Then why did you invite her?
Rumi: I didn’t. Anika did.
Sakiko: I don’t understand why you would invite Anika.
Rumi: I didn’t. You’re not the only one with questions. I have some of my own. Stay. I need my best friend today.
Sakiko: I’m your best friend?
Rumi: Of course.
Sakiko: I didn’t know that.
Rumi: Well you are.
Sakiko: Good to know… Let’s head back.
Rumi: I was hoping you would say, “You’re my best friend too”.
Sakiko: I would have any other day, but since I know for a fact this day will be horrible, I had to get you back somehow.
Rumi: Fair enough.
Sakiko: Looks like everyone is here.
Rumi: Kimiko. Now I’m starting to get nervous.
Sakiko: Let’s go get those answers.
Rumi: Right!

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