Monday, October 13, 2014

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Hey People,

I thought this "villain" was awesome. I mean he sent bad people to the sky, the only problem was they fell on old ladies.

Gordon finds out Cat was at the scene with a little help from the feline. Too bad she escapes from her cuffs before he can find out who killed the Waynes. I don't understand why Gordon is so upset over killing Pepper. It was a clean shot to me. His life was in danger and Bullock killed him before Gordon got killed. The end. Stop making it bigger than it is because it really isn't. If you want to feel guilty about making a promise to catch the real killer than feel guilty about that not about killing Pepper because that makes no sense.

I like how they're already bringing up vigilantes. I guess from a cop's perspective a vigilante is the same as a bad guy. Cue montage of tracking down leads and Bullock getting beat up by a girl, but a very strong girl.

So there really was something between Barbra and Renee, but apparently Renee was an alcoholic. Had a good thing hon, sucks that you ruined it.

Fish is dealing with Falcone sh*t, which also includes killing her lover. Penguin found a job and may have found someone who isn't going to make fun of him and then shows up at Gordon's door. Umm...okay Penguin.

So this is a new show for you. Jane the Virgin is supposed to be the best fall TV show of the season at least that's what the critics been saying.

I'm not sure if these same critics saw How to Get Away with Murder, but if they did, then I am really looking forward to it.

I guess it's pretty obvious just by looking at the poster that Jane is a virgin and she gets pregnant someway somehow and also that she really, really, really likes the color pink.
What an interesting number. A doctor rents organs to sick people and if they can't pay, then it gets repossessed, but only rich people have to pay. It's an interesting case that even Liz has trouble wrapping her head around it because even she thinks the doctor isn't such a bad guy. The only problem I have is the renting of organs isn't fair across the board.

Pee-wee as a bad guy? Never. Red set up his partners to see who was trustworthy and may I say at first I didn't see it coming, but then I had to pause my TV to do something and when I came back before I unpaused I thought about the plot of the episode. "This is a setup," I said and the next thing you know Red comes in and kills the betrayer.

Liz also failed her psych evaluation because she didn't mourn. This plus the fact she didn't think the doctor was bad is making her team believe she's changed. Girl really needs to change into another motel because she already has another person following her. The good thing is he's cute.

Finally, we get to see what Red did with his wife and it turns out she's a hostage of some sort. The woman cannot catch a break, but she is the only one that can get away with slapping Red. Okay, maybe her and Liz are the only two.

Let's get the case of the week out of the way. A guy goes undercover boss (whatever happened to that show?) and finds out that his business is being used to smuggle in drugs and is killed when he finds out the secretary is behind it.

Okay I love how this show starts with an interview of Castle and the interviewer says, "Amnesia, really?" That's exactly what I said during the premiere. Anyway Castle offers a reward $250,000 for anyone who knew about his whereabouts at the time.

Lanie and Esposito are back together, which is nice, but I wish we got to see it happen.

I know I'm not the only one, who thought the kiss between Castle and Gates was weird and out of character for him. That was just all kinds of awkward in my book.

Beckett is having trouble trusting Castle and I'm having a great deal of trouble not throwing my shoe at the TV. This show seems off somehow like this great big mystery will be looming until it's solved and I don't think things will be the same until it's over. I'm starting to hate this mythology.

Castle and the loony alien guy was a funny bit during the case and so was the makeup artist sleeping.

A lead pans out for Castle and he's minus $250K. Off to Canada we go, I mean what could go wrong in Canada. Castle and Alexis find a letters and a video at the bank in case Castle died from whatever he was doing. With the help from Tori (make her part of the team already), Castle goes back to Montreal and finds the warehouse he recorded the video from. There, he meets the guy from the last episode who faked who he was. Castle finds out he wanted to erase his memory of the events that took place. He even told the guy the real reason why he became a writer. I'm a little bit upset that he lied to Beckett about that because it has to be one of the great moments they share together and now it's tainted because Castle lied to her.

In the end, Castle and Beckett decide in one month they'll revisit the marriage idea.

Luv ya,

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