Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Good Wife S6 E5 Review

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No time to waste, let's get to it.

I think this is why we can't read people's minds. But boy was it fun to see what goes on in Elsbeth's mind. I don't know how she does it. This one was hard for me, I didn't know who to root for. Alicia or Elsbeth? I honestly didn't care who won. Funny thing is when I actually think back to the case, it was really hard to decide who I would favor more. I hate sexism with passion, but again that woman was a total b*tch (5 assistants, really?). If she were a man, I would be calling him a b*tch too. Funniest moment comes when Elsbeth is distracted by penguins. Apparently, dolphins were supposed to be used but they thought penguins were funnier. They were right. But then Elsbeth was distracted by something else or maybe I should say someone else. I love how this show gets its guest stars back. I'm glad the case isn't over yet. This only means that Elsbeth will be back. Can we merge with her firm so we can have Elsbeth full time?

Who else was screaming no when Diane pressed the button. My screams were more like this, "Noooooooo, don't do it! Don't press the button!" But I never thought about holding files for ransom. That's genius to be honest, at least no one gets physically hurt this way and I can't believe there was a hotline for ransom. This world is too crazy. Turns out to be a Russian behind it all, he even had some poor old man as his middleman. But Kalinda is smart. #freepussyriot #gotohellputin

On the relationship front? I say this with a question mark because I'm not even sure Cary and Kalinda are in a relationship because I think we all know Kalinda doesn't do relationships. But Man do I love having Lana back. I'm sorry Cary, but you seriously deserve better. He probably thinks he is in a relationship. He really will never learn. It would be interesting however if when Archie does leave the show Jill Flint's character tracks her down. Or maybe Lana and Kalinda run off together. I doubt it, but it would be funny. I'm kind of glad Kalinda finally knows how it feels to be the one left behind. Not so much fun now is it Kalinda?

On the political side, Peter doesn't want Finn to introduce Alicia because Peter doesn't want to share the spotlight, but the real reason is Peter thinks something is going on with Alicia and Finn. Alicia decides she wants Finn to introduce her. Man this was a flashback to the premiere episode from the hallway to Alicia and Peter at the podium. But let's talk about the hallway first. Was anyone else expecting a slap at some point because I totally was. Let me break down the conversations for you

Peter: Why do you insist Finn?
Alicia: I asked him, now I can't un-ask him.
Peter: Even if it means I won't.
Alicia: Are you f*ck*ng serious right now? After all the times I helped your sorry *ss? Even when you were f*ck*ng prostitutes left and right.
Peter: Will you let it go woman? That was so 6 years ago. I'm the governor now and I'm doing this as a favor to you.
Alicia: A favor? F*ck you. Because if you don't show up, your ratings will plummet to the floor and I'm not going to be there to pick your *ss up.
Peter: F*ck Finn.
Alicia: Well suck it up Peter because he's part of the deal.
Peter: Who's the one sucking it up?

I don't know how she didn't smack him for the 2nd time in the hallway.

My Dad and I had a huge debate about this scene. He told me, she should just let it go. I told him she probably would if he didn't think she slept with every man she smiles to. My father then tells me Peter is just jealous and I told him he has no right to be. My father then says he does because he is her husband and I told him they're only married for public and job reasons, they aren't really married, they're not even together. Then my dad goes in a rant about how marriage is marriage and I told him to tell that to Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracey which then lead to a discussion about them. In the end, my Dad argued you don't have control over your feelings and I agreed with him there; however, I told him Peter can control his actions. He can be jealous, but he has no right to ask Alicia to do that. My Dad then says take it up with the writers and I told him I love the Kings because they can create a fabulous story. I may hate Peter personally, but he's a needed character even I know that. My Dad then informs me that I've always hated Peter and that Peter is a good man (I don't see how). I told him he's just as corrupt as any other politician. Then my Dad reminded me this was just a show, to which I just laughed at.

Back to the show, Peter shows up in the end (was it because he had to or did he genuinely want to support her). My Dad thinks he saw love in Alicia's eyes when he did. I think she was just happy he came. I swear my Dad is one of the few people who still think Peter and Alicia should end up together just because they're married nothing more.

My father: When she said thank you, I heard I love you.
Diva: I don't understand you at all.

Gotta love these moments with your parents. Until next time, y'all.

Luv ya,

P.S. I want Carrie Preston, Jill Flint, and Kyle MacLachlan back very soon.
P.P.S. I forgot about Diane and her dilemma with David Lee. I take it back the funniest moment of the night was David Lee ripping up the email. Glad they're moving on up literally, but I am going to miss their place now. I kind of wanted to see what they could do with it.

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