Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Hey People,

Sorry for the lateness, but it's not 10 yet so get to reading and quick!

Okay I am so worried about this show especially since it's not doing so well in ratings, but I still like it. We'll have to wait and see with this one.

So let's get to the talking. The case of the week was so-so. A boxer gets killed and it's because of a dirty wealthy businessman, you know the usual evil b*st*d who gets away with it. So maybe it's not over yet.

Nothing new on the mythology front, but we did get a nice ending of Henry, Martinez, and Abe. Martinez was invited to dinner and  Abe gave Henry a gift--his old medical bag.

We need more of these moments, but slow and steady wins the race.

Correction: He doesn't get away with it, but doesn't get put away for hiring a hitman. Well at least he's behind bars.

Let's run through the people, shall we?

Casey helps Severide with his loss by giving him the "death talk" or what others like to call a pep talk. Speaking of Severide that was an awesome opening of the show. I actually wish the episode was just about that scenario.

Dawson got to handle her first fire, even though she did go behind Hermann's back when he told her not to say sorry, but she learned her lesson and came back strong in the end. Speaking of Hermann he did himself in with this entrepreneurship skills. He's never getting out of 81.

Newbie Brett may be getting back with her fiance. Mills gave her a talk of a lifetime. What is with these talks all of a sudden?

Good thing Mouch is coming back, today.

The Brotherhood is back to cause more trouble and it seems like a smart young boy and girl stole their drug money from them and they want it back, badly.

John has to work with the DEA and there seems to be some sexual tension there or maybe it's me.

We find out the kids stole the money so they can get their mom back and be a family again. But the boy is smart, he hides the money and even John was impressed. Hell, even I was impressed. Bought new clothes, hired a lawyer, hid the money, even bought some pepper spray. This boy is smart. I don't even think I would think that far ahead at that age. I think my mind was on The Power Rangers.

Anyway, the truth comes out. The boy is the reason why his mom is in jail. She took the fall for him for the gun. Even the smartest of us, do something stupid ever now and then, as long as you learn from it. The boy tries to make everything right by giving himself up so The Brotherhood won't hurt his sister, but John couldn't let that happen so he trades himself for the boy. It seems like everyone likes to play hide the money this episode.

Shaw was working on her own plan, which worked out because she found Link's stash house and if he didn't let John go, well poof would go the drugs. John is let go and we continue to play the same game.

Omg, John's smile in the end was so hot. He should smile more often. In the end, it turns out Mini is Big because he's behind everything too bad they kill the DEA (sorry John, but she was bad, so no loss there). This show always gets me and I love it.

Addition: The DEA was working for Dominic and even she didn't know who he was. John got the two kids in the same home, but Dominic will make sure the mom gets out so the boy knows who he really should be indebted to. Maybe, we'll see the boy again in another episode.

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