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The Good Wife S6 E8 Review

Hey People,

Focus Group: Okay so I totally want to be part of that focus group. I think I would be able to help Alicia immensely. But to be honest, I think the most outspoken person there was the one I agreed with the most. Everything she said I was like "Yes, you get me." Standing by your husband when he's cheated is weakness to me. Yes, I understand the vows "for better or for worse," but ugh I don't think they were thinking of cheating when that was said that's just me. Now it's true some people think a politician's home life has nothing to do with their work life. Your home life can be a wreck, but if you still do your job day in and day out, it doesn't matter. Well this depends on how great of a multitasker the politician is. If they can separate, then good. If not, then they're out for me. However, I would never know that because I don't work for them so then I go by past work, but Alicia doesn't have any experience like this before, so now the only thing that I can go on is her personal and it makes Alicia like a doormat to me. But then I look at Prady and probably would vote for him because he's such a likable guy. 1 Strike against her.

Alicia's problem: Some people were upset that we didn't know the end result to what happened between Alicia and Owen and in this episode it got answered. It was water under a bridge and they moved on from it. I don't know if it's because Owen wanted something from Alicia that he seemed like he didn't care, but Alicia did apologize so that was that.

Focus Group: If I was told about Cary being prosecuted for drugs that would be another strike against because you are the company you keep. Not always, but again I don't have any other way of judging her. 2 Strikes

Case-of-the-week: See, if I got to see how Alicia was defending a rape victim, I would totally like her more. But I just have to say I knew I saw the actress who played Jody before--Californication.

Focus Group: Entitled? Yes, I would think that. Just because Alicia's husband is governor doesn't mean I'll automatically vote for her, no matter if I liked him or not. It doesn't tell me how good she will be. Selfish? I'm not sure. I don't know her personally. It's too big of a leap. Strike 3

Case-of-the-week: Back to the rape case, I hated how the guy asked the security guard if she cried while telling her story. Why does that matter if she was crying or not? Just because you've been raped doesn't mean you have to cry telling your story. It doesn't make it any less true.

Cary's case: Cary decides to testify because he's the only one who can say the tape doesn't play the whole conversation. The only thing is lawyers make horrible witnesses and it's so true in Cary's case. The mock trial went so bad I wanted to tell Cary to stop talking (last week it was Alicia, this week it's Cary). It makes no sense for a person to keep a job when the job can't even sustain just their rent. We're not even considering the cost of food, fuel and entertainment. So how did Cary pay for it all? Savings seems like a bit of a stretch. I do love how they use Howard as the mock judge.

Case-of-the-week: The auto-correction was pretty funny. I don't know how that didn't get more attention. Anyway, Jody plans to the sue the school because on the counseling of Alicia she didn't get the due process she deserves.

Focus Group: Once again I'm on the side of the outspoken, except for the last comment about the men in the room are having problems now that Alicia is representing a rape victim. It's interesting to note that once it's brought up, one guy says, "What is she a feminist activist now?" Yes, because clearly someone who defends a rape victim instantly becomes an activist. Or how about she's just doing her job. And why a feminist? If it was a guy, she would be doing the same thing. Would he be calling her a feminist then? Being a feminist shouldn't leave a bad taste in someone's mouth like the way he said it. Being a feminist is a good thing and anyone who says otherwise clearly does not know what the definition of a feminist is. Strike 1 for Alicia

Case-of-the-week: Canning is back, but this time in a wheelchair because of kidney failure :( Damn it Canning just when I hate you the most, you make me feel bad about it.

Alicia's problem: Finn is a saint. He volunteers at a soup kitchen every week. Ex-wife people, Finn's single! Alicia decides to do some good in her life and goes to the soup kitchen, but it backlashes when a picture comes out saying the pot was already clean as in she was fake cleaning it, even though she was the one who cleaned it. Ugh, I hate when something good turns into something evil. Life really isn't fair. I swear this has happened in real life before to a real politician, I just can't remember who.

Focus Group: Yea, this looks really bad from the outside. I would have to give another strike against her because she looks like a phony in the picture of her cleaning the pots. 4-1

Cary's case: I want to hear this Beyonce joke. I lied, I need to hear this Beyonce joke. I feel like this is going to be one mystery I need to solve. Cary goes ballistic once he sees Kalinda and we'll dive in through that whole mess in a second. Cary needs to get his head in the game. Hell even I would be more worried about that than about who my not-girlfriend was up to. Ain't nobody got time for that Cary.

Case-of-the-week: Alicia gets the last word when she proves that the panel wasn't informed, nor experts in rape cases.

Cary's case: Alicia decides to give Cary advice, which for some reason actually works because he wasn't so talkative.

Alicia's problem: Eli then gives Alicia advice telling her if she wants to be good, send a check. You don't need to be good, you just have to appear to be good. I would beg to differ Eli, but since her kind act led people astray, I can only think that maybe he's right when it comes to the media.

Case-of-the-week: If so much rape is happening on a campus that they actually have a rape wall, then things really need change. That school should really start to take these things more seriously and actually have a rape kit onsite. The alleged rapist (he was never found guilty) was expelled because of some weed in his room. Since Jody didn't need to see him anymore on campus, she took the deal Canning offered. It's not always about the money Alicia, although I would seriously sue not because of the money, but because the university really needs to change their policies and sometimes lawsuits are the only way to make a change. I do hope that we get to see the interaction of Alicia and Mrs. Canning. I still remember they're conversation from way back when.

Alicia's problem: Okay here's the thing, if I knew Alicia I would vote for her because I think she would do a good job, but if I'm just a voter and don't know her, I would probably vote for Prady (sorry Alicia, I just don't buy the good deeds). Anyway the focus group does seem to generally like her and because of this, Alicia is fully committed to whatever Eli tells her to do. I thought Eli wasn't going to be involved with her campaign. He seems to be all up in it.

Finally, let's talk about what everyone has been talking about when I mention this episode. While Cary can't play, Kalinda will go astray. She spends most of her time with Det. Lana Delaney and that's how Lana prefers it. Kalinda lies to Cary about where she is and when Cary goes to visit her at her home, he sees Kalinda give Lana a farewell kiss. 30 feet my *ss. Cary breaks the rule and goes into Kalinda's apartment. How did he get in? Anyway, they had a chat I've been dying for them to have. Cary says if Kalinda really cares about him, then she would stop seeing Lana. Kalinda tells him that they don't do that to each other because they're not married. They're not even going steady. Cary finally confesses that he only wants to see her, but Kalinda wants to see other people as well. Goodbye and go to hell. What a great way to end it with someone or not ending it with someone since they weren't going out to begin with. Whatever, you get the point.

There were two ways people saw this. Some people say that Kalinda said she wanted to see other people to protect Cary and some people, like myself, actually thought Kalinda really did want to see other people. The reason why I didn't take it the other way was because if Kalinda really wanted to protect Cary she would have told him she would stop seeing Lana. I mean, she could have just lied to him and said that regardless if she meant it or not. It doesn't matter because we all know Kalinda lies like she did to Cary in this episode. Plus, I think she's enjoying her time with Lana a lot more these past episodes.

Bishop called Kalinda to find out what she knows about an investigation being done on him. He also informs her that he knows about her "girlfriend" who's a FBI agent. Kalinda informs him that this predates him and Cary. At the time, Kalinda didn't know anything about it, so Bishop put her to the task to find out. When she was in the car with Bishop, I totally was hoping that she left a bomb in his car. So upset it didn't blow up as it drove away, but I know stealth is more of Kalinda's style. When Kalinda does find out Lana is working on the Bishop case she lies to Bishop and tells him her "girlfriend" isn't working on the case. Bishop doesn't believe her and tells her to put a white card in her purse. She asks what it is and he doesn't tell her. She should just follow his orders.

So glad Kalinda decided not to be Bishop's bitch anymore and breaks the card. What does the card do? I don't know. Some people say it was a tracking device. Some say it was just a test and somehow Bishop or someone under him would find out if Kalinda put it there or not. It looked like a key card to me, so I thought it led to a room that would lead to Lana being framed or her death, but the other speculations are just as good. So many people are worried that either Lana will end up dead or even Kalinda now that we know Archie Panjabi is leaving the show. But would the Kings really kill off 2 of their characters in a row (S5 & S6)?

This episode really shows another side to Kalinda literally as she puts her hair down. I can't remember any other time when she actually does that. Does this mean she's warming up to Lana so much that she can let loose? She was smiling quite a bit and Lana has been around since season 1 and hasn't slapped her yet unlike her other lady cop friends. My friend asked me what did Kalinda see that made her break the card and I told him she saw Lana's face and couldn't do that to her. Kalinda protects people she cares about (she still protects Alicia even though they're not friends anymore and haven't shared a scene in forever and a day). I know she may not want to date Cary (I never saw them as romantic, just physical), but I know she cares about him, just not the way Cary wants her to. Her breaking the card just shows that Kalinda does care about Lana and is willing to protect her. My friend also said Kalinda smiled at the end as if she had a plan. I replayed that "smile" and I don't think it was a smile. I think it was more of a half-smile as in "I'm glad I'm no longer his b*tch, but oh sh*t I'm gonna die."

Luv ya,

P.S. How did no one notice Jody looking at her phone?

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