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S1 E6
Well that  last episode left me depressed. Beth finally tells Mark that she's pregnant and Chloe overhears the conversation. In the beginning, Beth doesn't want to keep it, but it seems like towards the end she starts changing her mind about the idea. We'll see.

Beth does get some advice from the priest, who, of course, thinks she should keep the baby. He also thinks that there should be a viewing so everyone can gather at the church. This priest is coming off as a fame wh*re. Before Beth even talks to the priest, she smashes some glasses at the inn to let Gemma know she knows about the affair.

Susan Wright seems guiltier by the minute, but I'm hoping it's not her because it would be way too obvious. We, the viewers, find out she's the one who was most likely smoking those 3 cigarettes. Plus, the fact she invited Tom to he house to walk the dog just screams to me bad idea.

Speaking of Tom he had to do a little experiment at the beginning of the episode to help out the cops and get the timing down for them.

Owen, I don't know why you keep sleeping with Renee, but just stop it already. The girl obviously doesn't fact check her sources at all when she questioning Dean and his allegations. He could have just told his friends to agree with him. At least Owen knows a lie when he hears one.

Vince picks up a pitchfork and takes it to Jack's home with a bunch of people rallied behind him. But Jack explains to Mark, like he explained before to the cops, she was 16 going on 17 (song!) and they had a relationship. If they waited until she 17, everything would have been legal. I still find this a biut wrong at least 18 so she can fend for herself if the relationship went south, but that ended up happening anyway since he went to jail for 2 years. After the 2 articles on him, he commits suicide by walking into the ocean.

Like I said, last week was a sad episode, but I'll end this on a good note. Remember the awkward moments between Pass-Out Carver and Gemma and Ellie and Dirty Hugo? Hilarious.

S1 E7
How much sex needs to happen every episode? I mean, seriously that's enough. There has been a sex scene in every episode so far.

Anyway, this episode focused on Rebecca. I really hate how corrupt Annalise is, but we'll get to that in a second. The case-of-the-week was actually the arc-story so it was nice to focus on that. Annalise gets some help from the prosecutor that eventually backstabs her by making a deal with the other defender. But who didn't see that one coming? I'm actually surprised Annalise was surprised. The point was only the defender for Griffin wanted the body exhumed because it would only help them so Annalise & Co. had to stop that from happening. I'm glad a 3rd party did the autopsy. Good job, judge. We find out by the end of the episode that dead girl was pregnant. Great job, Sam.

On the personal side, Wes and Rebecca get a little closer, as in, they had sex. I still don't get them as a couple. He's Haitian so that was pretty good to find out, but that had to be the worst sex scene I've ever seen. Sex mixed with dead body is not sexy.

Connor is missing his lover and actually goes to see him, but some sexy meat shows up at the door instead. Sorry Connor, but you ain't as hot as that guy at the door, no offense. He also has sex with some random guy he couldn't even remember at the courthouse. This show I swear.

Laurel has sex with Frank, outside. She's my favorite, but when will she learn? I hear people already have videos of them on YouTube. I'm guessing she's not taking that job with her boyfriend.

Michaela is having her own problems by needing to sign a pre-nup. I didn't know her fiance was old money rich.

Even though you don't know what a gag-order is, you still hold accountable for breaking it. I don't know why the judge didn't say that. Bad job, judge. It's like if I didn't know what a Ponzi scheme was, but that's exactly what I did, I'm still going to jail. And another reason why I dislike Annalise's tactics.

Wes mother died when he was young. He actually worked his way to the top.

Fun fact, but not really fun we find out that Annalise has had miscarriages and is glad about it now that she's met Rebecca.

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