Sunday, November 9, 2014

Reign S2 E6 Diary

Dear Diary,

Why are the King and Queen so distant from each other lately? Everyone can tell. I don't know why they try and hide it, but whatever, we'll just play along for now. I hear Mary is going on a little trip with Catherine, now I know somethings up when Mary chooses to hangout with Catherine instead of Francis.

Being a mistress isn't as fun and exciting as people make it to be, especially when you're a mistress of the King. No one wants to marry you afraid to upset the King, and therefore, you are forever alone. I overheard Lola talking to Kenna about if she was going to be alone at least she wants to have money to survive on.

News just got out that Mary and Catherine are missing! Thank god I didn't go with them. I wonder what they are doing. I can just picture them now, milking a goat or serving food to peasants. That would be hilarious to see.

I saw DB Sr. talking to Lola, trying to flirt with her. He sucks at flirting. Rule #1 never flirt by using money as a way in. I can't believe his "tea" invite actually worked. What does Lola see in this guy? I'm debating with myself if I should go on the road and pretend to be a guy in search of Mary and Catherine or stay here and see Lola take a bath while Douchebag Sr. watches. I think I may have found out his lase name--Pervert. Douchebag Pervert Sr. (DPS) will now be his name. Oh I hope Lola doesn't stoop that low just for some money. Women are already valued as less, which is what Kenna was telling you. Don't just take it.

Francis found Mary and Catherine, never doubted him, but they are stories going on of what happened while they were away, but they're so crazy I just don't believe them.

Luv ya,

P.S. I love Lola.

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