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Note: The Blacklist's fall finale is tonight (so early). The next episode won't be until February 1st (Super Bowl). I might do fall finale reviews, so be on the lookout for those if I do.

S1 E4
I'm still loving this show more and more each week.

So Jane is still having sexual fantasies about her baby-daddy and because she can't lie in front of a priest, she tells her fiance about these subconscious feelings. Of course, her fiance gets mad at that but he has other things to worry about like the fact that Petra, baby-daddy's wife, is blackmailing him about the evidence that he stole for her.

Petra can't tell the fiance where she was the night of the murder and that's because she has a secret that no one knows about (her real name is Natalia, she speaks Czech, and for some reason a man demands more money from her).

Jane's mom was also dealing with baby-daddy issues by trying to keep Jane's father a secret. But everything came out in the opening and now Jane feels lied to by her mother because she knew who her father was this whole time.

Baby-daddy was having some trouble of his own. He had to write a piece to the media, which he asked Jane to take care of so that one got crossed off his list and he also needed to get rid of a thorn at his side--Lachlan, his nemesis. It turns out Petra and Lachlan were once engaged to each other, but baby-daddy stole Petra from him. I'm guessing because Lachlan took his seat as his father's right hand man. But I think baby-daddy was in the wrong. He thought just because it was his father that he should automatically get the job. Lachlan got it because he worked for it. He did all the work. I don't know how baby-daddy can be mad at him for that and then steal his girl for revenge. He does admit he was an *ss back then. Anyway, Petra and baby-daddy trick Lachlan and baby-daddy comes out looking like the hero, who will get the hotel back on track.

Back to Jane's fiance. By using his detective skills, he figures out that a bell-hop could be involved with the murdering of Zaz, which helped the police move away from Petra as a suspect. Fiance also told Jane that he doesn't care if he has to raise someone else's kid as long as he doesn't lose Jane. Jane admits that she doesn't want to keep the baby either and she finally gives him the letter. (The letter took a detour because Jane switched the sexy letter she wrote for her finace with the newsletter she wrote for her baby-daddy. The good thing about the switch was that the baby-daddy admitted to only seeing Jane as a sister--end of fantasies for her.)

Baby-daddy also revealed to Petra that he knows about the affair with Zaz and that they're over. What will Petra do about the guy asking her for more money? Also, I guess because of the sexy letter, the baby-daddy is starting to have fantasies of Jane. How sexy was that letter? I want to read it.

Side note: No one knows where baby-daddy's sister is. Their step-mother is very worried about her daughter-in-law/lover. If she doesn't show up to court, Jane wins the lawsuit against her by default and baby-daddy loses the hotel along with it.

S1 E7
The best episode so far happened last week and I couldn't wait to watch it because I heard it was so good. Penguin, Penguin, oh how I love you Penguin.

Okay so Gordon goes all "if I'm going down, I'm taking you with me". At first, Bullock thought he was an idiot and just wanted to die faster, but after he had his last night with a women he decides he'll backup Gordon on his crazy plan to arrest Falcone and the mayor.

Before, Bullock joined him no one wanted to help Gordon. What's the point of helping a dead man? MCU was there to help Gordon before he became another mark on Victor's skin (love this villain so far). Gordon was then healed by the beautiful Dr. Thompkins and went on his merry way. Before he went into battle, Gordon visited the Wayne's residence promising Bruce that if he didn't come out alive MCU would take over the case of his parents' murder.

Barbara is an idiot. Barbara is an idiot. Barbara is an idiot. Just have a baby already and then jump off a cliff because you're useless on this show.

Now onto the good stuff. Turns out Falcone and Penguin have been working together the whole time. Didn't see that one coming, but that does explain why Falcone isn't worried about his current condition. He knows everything that's happening. Penguin made a deal with Falcone that if he spared his life, Penguin would offer up some great information (Mooney is pushing Falcone out along with Nikolai) in exchange Falcone will let Gordon be the one to kill him (because he knew most likely Gordon wouldn't be able to do it) and if he survived Falcone would have a snitch for life. Everything seems to working out perfectly, the only problem is Gordon. However, Penguin insists that he needs Gordon alive which is why Falcone didn't kill Gordon for the 2nd time (instead he gave him some BS excuse of "you trusted me, so there's hope for you yet". Most likely Penguin wants Gordon alive because we already know Falcone will try to bring down Mooney and Maroni and Gordon will bring down Penguin's last obstacle, Falcone, since no one else dare tries. Thus, leaving Penguin the new kingpin. Brilliant!

The only thing Penguin doesn't know about is Mooney's secret weapon (the girl).

S2 E7
Okay, so that was the best twist of the season so far. Instead of them saying people would talk about the episode before this one, they should have said this episode would be what everyone is talking about. I did not see the twist coming until right before the daughter stepped out of the car. Awesome!

The case-of-the-week was about Iran killing US's nuclear scientists for revenge since the US apparently killed theirs first so the US could stop them from building a nuclear weapon. But we didn't know until half way through that they didn't know who the scientists were and they planned to steal one to build one for them. It was an elaborate plan, but it worked and I'm glad that the US got tricked. It's nice to know we can still be duped. Not in real life, but for the show I like it.

This case was also personal for agent Samar. Her brother was killed by the number-of-the-week and she wanted payback. But it turns out, her brother wasn't as innocent as she thought, at least that's what the number-of-the-week said. Whether she believed him or not is still up for debate, but what's not is the number-of-the-week being killed execution style. I'm pretty sure we can assume she did it.

Ressler is still battling with his addiction, but he seems to be winning. As for Keen, she still has her husband locked down on a boat somewhere. Tom says he already knows Liz is going to kill him, but when she does, he wants her to look him in the eye and do it.

As for the surprise of the week, the daughter Red has been talking to these past episodes is not his daughter, but Berlin's daughter. So who's body was being chopped up into pieces? Or are we not supposed to care?

Red's daughter is still missing and I'm still wondering about the picture Red took from the Stewmaker. Is his daughter still alive?

S7 E5
Two weeks ago, Castle had a great murderer. Actually, I wish this murderer was like the 3XK, as in, the case wouldn't be a regular case-of-the-week and solved in 1 episode. I think this killer was far better than a lot of killers on Castle and I would have loved it if we got to know about him over time.

I did find a little blunder during this amazing episode though. The media were already calling him a serial killer and I was thinking how was a serial killer when he's only killed 2 people so far in the episode (you at least need to kill 3). Turns out the media knew something that the viewers didn't even know yet. He killed his high school bully. It seems like the media was in on it the whole time.

Anyway, the case-of-the-week was about a person who was a victim back in high school because of old fashion bullying, but it was a cyber bullying attack that sent him over the edge and now he's turned into a cyber bully himself by attacking the popular kids on Snapchat Snapamatic. As much as this guy was twisted because of the way he made people vote on who should live, he made a value point. Who is sick in this game? Him, the person who put these "famous" people on the chopping block, or his followers, who didn't have to follow his snaps and who voted?

Some people are sick on the internet and they hide behind a mouse and a computer screen. I would just love to get them to say it on the news so I can put a face to the name. I go with the motto, if I wouldn't say it in public, then I wouldn't say it in on the internet. It is after all a public domain.

Nothing at the home front happened this week other than the hilarious song of Castle which I'll post later. It's just way too catchy.

The episode tonight is supposedly the wedding episode. I say supposedly because we all remember what happened last time. We'll just have to wait and see.

Luv ya,

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