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S2 E6
Quite a bit happened last episode so let's hop to it. Marty is sick with some type of mutated Spanish Flu, but they have a suppressor of a drug just not a lot of it to last for the whole neighborhood. Marty also finds out that this wasn't the first time that he died. He has died before with his family back in the day. Sad thing is his parents vanished 3 days earlier and only his sister is left. Because he's still sick, he didn't take her with him, but he promised to return for her, even though she has no idea who Marty is to her.

The other big story was the aftermath of Barbara vanishing. Man was Maggie brokenhearted about the situation. It was really sad because that's probably exactly how I would react. Margaret going around bulling people wasn't helping my emotions. I'm glad Fred was able to see through her b*llsh*t. I'm also glad he didn't resort back to the bottle. Even Lucille is starting to notice how Margaret is a bad influence on Jacob.

Henry is planning his start up for the factory and it seems like an evil returned grandfather and a grandson are going to be up to no good.

I just want to add that I hated the whiteboard in Angela's office. She's supposed to be all mathy and yet she needs the pi circle. How do you not know that by heart? I'm a math major, I should know. I'm also a little bit upset that they ruined the surprise of Marty finding out by showing it in the promos. I guess they really want to get people to watch.

I'm just waiting for the moment when Marty tells Maggie the truth. This show may not get a 3rd season so at least give me that.

S1 E4
Okay so this episode was a little bit different from the rest, which is why you just getting a regular recap this time since there really was no he said, she said, but instead, part 1 and part 2.

Part 1

Noah and Alison spend the whole day together on an island. We learn that Noah has only slept with 3 women in his life (now 4), his mother died when he was in high school, and he finished the 1st chapter of his book (and it was good). Alison has a mother with Alzheimer and her mother is a drifter. But things get out of control when Noah gets a call from his wife. They go their separate ways, but somehow they end up at a shop they started out in. Next destination, the bedroom.

Part 2

After the bedroom scene, they head to the beach to which they just end up going back to the B&B, for a 2nd round. During this round, Noah finds scars on her thigh, which ends the mood immediately for Alison. Noah doesn't know what he did wrong. In his fury, he kicks the piece of furniture and puts a dent in it. Luckily for him, the maid left the door into another room open. They become Bonnie and Clyde and switch furniture all to escape the payment of a broken one. Eventually, Alison breaks down and tells Noah why she cuts herself--her son, Gabriel, drowned. Alison thinks Noah only sees a broken women now, but Noah knows what he wants and he wants Alison. Commence the 3rd round, which ended with Alison's orgasmic sounds.

I actually liked how the show only focused on these 2 characters, especially since this was their first time together, but damn did they really have to do it in Alison's bed? As for the inconsistency of the night, Alison is most likely the one who got it right with the whole voice in the wind. I mean, she should be the one that gets it right since she's the one who's telling the story to Noah in both versions.

The detective is lying now too. Is he married or not? Does anyone tell the truth on this show?

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