Monday, November 3, 2014

The Good Wife S6 E7 Review

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Okay so I found this episode very hard to watch, not just because it was weird for me to watch Alicia so stiff as a board, but it's also because I had trouble rooting for people I normally do cheer for.

So Alicia and Finn are now drinking buddies. I have no problem with that. I feel like everyone needs a drinking buddy. I certainly have one (karaoke Tuesdays). But I'm getting a vibe of just friendship between them. I don't feel any romantic chemistry and maybe that's because it's still too soon and that's okay. Will just died less than a year ago. If anything, Alicia just needs a friend, since we all know Kalinda will never be her drinking buddy again. I actually feel more potential chemistry between Elfman and Alicia to be honest. It's more natural and just simmering. I know they're setting up Finn to be the replacement for Will since Alicia probably won't ever go back to Peter, but who knows, maybe she'll have some fun along the way.

I just have to add I love how TGW brings up stuff that's happening these days. #Ferguson

So Alicia now has another candidate running named Frank played by David Hyde Pierce, who I haven't seen on TV since Fraiser. By the end of the episode, Frank tells Alicia that he's running and then Alicia tells him he's a hypocrite and that he's known all along. She goes full-throttle on his *ss. He argued that he wasn't planning on running until his paper that he write got leaked to the press and feels like the only way for the DA to change is to change from within. Here's my take on it. I think Alicia is being the biggest hypocrite of them all. Did this not just happen to her? People have been speculating her candidacy since the start of the season and she always told them she wasn't running. It was only when Castro mentioned Will that she decided to run. So how dare her point the finger at him accusing him without any facts. People have said that Alicia has changed and I agreed that she did and some were even arguing that she was becoming worse of a person, but I thought they just didn't like where the show was going. This is the first time that I have to agree with them. If anyone should have understood what Frank was doing, it should have been Alicia.

So Alicia and the intern's mom know each other. Peter did say they were old friends of the family. it was nice to have a nice representation of what Alicia was like standing right next to her for comparison, which is why she was the 2nd person I was rooting for last night. She was just as flustered as Alicia was when she went to court for the first time in awhile, but she did an amazing job even caught myself smiling at her even if she was against Cary. I also liked how she held her own against Peter and Eli. I don't like that she's the other woman, but if there needs to be another woman, I'm glad it's someone who's not like her daughter.

Ugh Cary and Kalinda, I told you last week that I didn't want a Romeo and Juliet situation happening and that's exactly what I got. The longing looks, the I miss you's, the sad smiley faces, it all made me want to gag. And they were in clear violation at the courthouse and where they work that is not 30 ft. More like 15 ft, if you asked me. One minute, they're sleeping with other people and the next, they're ogling at each other as if they're the love of their lives. I don't get them at all and I hope this thing, whatever it is, ends.

Back to Alicia for a moment, there was one quality that I do like about her. She's not a politician and she doesn't think like one either. I swear, she would be better off doing it on her own than listening to Elfman and Eli. When she ranted about her son and the abortion during her practice run, I have to say if a politician said that I think I would be more inclined to vote for them. Anyway, when Alicia said she didn't want to use the paper on Frank, I respected that about her because anyone who would isn't about the issues, but just wants to come out on top. Now did Eli release those papers to Castro? Maybe, I mean, Eli has been acting like a snake this season so it's not a far-fetched idea.

So Trey is now dead thanks to Kalinda finding him. It seems like every man around Kalinda always ends up dead. Better watch out Cary. But who leaked the info on Trey's hideout location is still up for debate. I automatically assumed it was Bishop and just thought he had a mole at the DA's office, but some people are speculating that it was Castro, who just wants to keep Cary under fire so Alicia's associate can be connected to crimes, and therefore, Alicia can't be trusted as District Attorney. I must say this is definitely a plausible idea.

The biggest surprise of the night goes to Finn quitting his day job. I know he mentioned opening his own firm at F/A/L, but can he just work for Alicia instead? Either way, they would be in close proximity of each other, but it would be nice to see Alicia in the boss position this time and having an underling as her lover. Now that would be interesting.

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