Sunday, November 2, 2014

Previously On...Sunday

Hey People,

Okay so 2 people up and vanished last time. One I was very happy to see go and another, which I felt was too soon. Let's dive in.

Bellamy was trying to find out what happened at the factory, but hit a road block with Margaret even though she kind of did give him the answer.

Lucille felt guilty over what she did at the dinner the other day to Barbara, but Margaret was right there to tell her she did the right thing.

Barbara felt lonely because her fling 30 years ago has now lost its spark. Elaine comes to the rescue and comforts her. All she needed was a friend. I want to see more of her. Ever since her father disappeared, we haven't seen much of her, other than that awkward moment with Fred and her at the beginning of the season. Anyway, Elaine calls Maggie over to get to know her mother and she really break it down for Maggie when she reminds her that her mother is younger than them. All she wants is a friend.

In her drunk state of mind (I'm hoping she didn't drive because she was drunk and most likely she hasn't renewed her license yet), Barbara shows up on Fred's doorstep and one thing leads to another. Next thing you know, Barbara and Fred are opening the door that Margaret is standing behind. Well, good morning to you too. After that you knew Margaret was planning to get rid of her since she is the only one that knows how to get rid of a returned.

Margaret walks onto the porch acting all nice towards Barbara while Fred isn't home and then she takes her to the park to have a little chat. The chat turned into a full on attack about how everyone was fine before Barbara returned and that they don't need her. Elaine sees Margaret and Barbara talking and then all of a sudden it was just Margaret there. Elaine tells Maggie that her mother vanished and Maggie breaks down over how her mother left her again, but this time she actually knew her and saw how happy she made her dad. When she went to find Marty for comfort he wasn't there. Man has his own issues to deal with. He now has become sick and he still hasn't told Maggie he's a returned so he can't go to her for help. Instead, he thinks it's a good idea to drive and then curl up into a little ball.

Margaret is obviously a meddler and needs to be stopped.

Meanwhile, over at the Hale's house, Rachael fell ill, but then started to get better towards the end and Carl's *ssh*le of a brother also got sick, but Carl decided not to help him and as a result Carl's brother wished he never returned, and therefore, vanishes. I thought Carl was cold mother-shut-your-mouth brother, but at the same time, I understand why he did it.

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