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The Affair S1 E3: He Said, She Said, Truth

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So this was drastically different. In Noah's version they had sex. In Alison's version, they didn't even meet up that night. Well, this will be a hard Truth, but I'll make it work. Are they hinting at one of the Lockharts got killed because I think they are and I think both of them are trying to put the blame on Oscar.

  • Diner
    • He Said: Noah goes to the diner to visit Alison, but she's not there. Instead, he makes up an excuse to buy $100 worth of T-shirts for his kids. He tells Oscar that he just wanted to thank the woman. Then he asks the waitress if there was a library in town.
    • She Said: Oscar tells Alison that some guy was waiting for her and left, but not before putting a note on the board saying "I need your help on something. Call me xxx-xxx-xxxx." Oscar tells Alison about his plan for the bowling alley. She asks if she could leave early and with Oscar's approval, she heads out on her way to the library.
    • Truth: $100, you got to be joking. I don't care if it was a cover or not, I would have walked out and said peace. I think Noah is the winner of this one even though he's idiot for paying. I don't think Noah is dumb enough to leave a note for her like that so nonchalantly. Maybe to Alison she didn't start an affair, but that doesn't mean you can leave your number around all willy-nilly like that. Besides, I don't think Noah would wait for her either. 
  • Library
    • He Said: Noah goes to the library and there, Alison sneaks up on him. She says she heard he was looking for her and he tells her he needed help with his book. She tells him she could give him a tour around town. He asks if they could talk. He lays down the law, well actually she does, but the point is they decide to just be friends. She says if he ever needs to talk that he could call her and she won't call him. Before she goes, Noah calls out to her and asks where is she heading.
    • She Said: Alison shows up at the library. She texted him ahead of time to tell him she was coming. Noah and Alison talk about his book and share some kisses in between. Alison then shows him a book that had a picture of her father in it and tells him they have something in common--they're both storytellers.
    • Truth: Okay, now I'm thinking Noah is dumb enough to leave his number behind, because if he didn't, then how would he be able to call Alison or for her to even text him since she said she would never call him. I now dub Alison the winner of the diner and also for this round. I was thinking maybe those kisses didn't happen because that would be such a risk for her, but since she was telling the story, it is more likely that it did happen. It's 2-0 Alison. Stop telling lies Noah.
  • Docks
    • He Said: Alison takes Noah to the docks where she buys her fish from Will. Noah was was about to buy some for himself when one of Cole's brother, Scotty, runs into them. There was an awkward moment between Scotty and Noah, which is why Noah asked Alison if she was okay. Noah learns of the town hall meeting during the awkward moment and asks if it was open to the public, to which Alison replies she thinks so. Then Alison turns and looks at him. She then plunges herself towards him and starts kissing him. He eventually tells her to stop and Alison tell him she gets it and that she'll see him around.
    • She Said: They take a walk on the docks and Alison informs Noah of "rape" of the fish that has been going on. She tells him that if he wants to write about a fisherman that he should experience being one by trying it out for a night. She tells him it's not glorious and that he's a summer person. Next thing you know, they're making out in a small alley way. They get caught by a kid that she doesn't recognize, then it dawns on her that people know her here. This is her life. He can go whenever he wants, but she can't. He said there's just something about her. She tells him she doesn't think it's a good idea to see each other anymore. He pleads with her that she's his insider for his story and from now on it'll be strictly professional. They head back to the library and Alison informs him of the town meting that night. She also tells him that her husband will be there. He read her loud and clear.
    • Truth: I award the winner to be both of them. There's nothing that really contradicts their viewpoint other than who told Noah about the town meeting. Other than that, everything could have happened exactly as they told it. So who told Noah? Well that depends on if Scotty went to Alison's house after the meeting, which we don't know. Score 3-1
  • Town Meeting
    • He Said: Noah sees people and then Oscar informs him that he didn't miss much. Then Oscar tells him that his girl is here. Noah acts dumb and says he must have misunderstood from before. Obviously, Oscar notices something is happening between the two of them. As he leaves, Alison approaches Noah and tells him she's glad he came. She asks him what's wrong. He pulls her by the hand to the side of the building and asks her where they can go for privacy. Once Alison takes him to a private location, Noah tells her he can't stop thinking about her even when he just woke up, talking to his kids, or even f*cking his wife and that's a problem. Alison admits she thinks of him all the time. Noah doesn't know what to do. Alison suggests he needs to get it out of his system. Noah at first is reluctant, but then tells her they'll do it at his speed and that's their first time together.
    • She Said: Alison went to the meeting and didn't see Noah there. Later that night, she gets a text from him apologizing for missing the meeting. She texts back that's okay and then he messages moments later what she was doing. She answers the text, but we don't get to see it. Next thing you know she's having sex with her "asleep" husband.
    • Truth: This is the first time, his and her story don't match up. Let's start with Noah. If you're trying to keep your affair secret, I wouldn't pull the girl by the hand at a town meeting she just came from. Secondly, the privacy place Alison took him was the least private place I've ever seen. They were out in the open and I could see a house in the distance. Next time pick the woods girl. Then they have sex in this so called private place. The romantic in me just wants to act like this never happened. How does one of them not remember their first time together? Anyway, Alison's story is more plausible. They didn't meet at all and he text her saying sorry. The only thing that weirded me out was that Alison quoted Noah (or maybe vice versa) about not waking their partner up. I declare Alison the winner on this.
That's it folks. Score 4-1. Finally, we have a winner for Truth.

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