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Correction: In the last recap, I said the b*st*rd gets away with it and that's not technically true. He gets away with hiring a hitman, but he does go to jail for bribery.

Last episode was actually really fun to watch, but I think it's always fun when Jack the Ripper is the topic. Now I'm not entirely sure, but were they hinting at Adam being Jack the Ripper?

Anyway comic books graphic novels can leave an impression on a psychopath's mind, especially when the graphic novel is about killing people. After they revealed it wasn't the son, I knew it was the father. So glad Adam was there to kill Henry. I'm not ready for Jo to know the truth just yet. I think it's way too early.

Adam reveals that one day Henry will just say, "F*ck it" and start killing people. Just because you did it Adam, doesn't mean Henry will.

Seriously, this show should be paired with Castle.

Well that was a lot of character development. But there's always character development on this show so let's hop to it.

Casey is having brother-in-law issues. The b-i-n is cheating on his sister and trying to make sure she doesn't see a dime. I have to say, I love dark Casey. I'm glad he's back. I've missed him since Hallie died. But man needs to keep his personal life away from his professional, which leads me to...Dawson

I'm glad Dawson wants to learn and isn't using Casey as a shield. I thought it was pretty cool how she played Hermann just so she could be treated fairly. I did, however, feel a weird sexual vibe between the two when he was yelling at her. Chemistry perhaps, but when they hugged it out at the bar, it became father and daughter. I was relieved, but you never know. Dawson and Hermann? Nah, not going to happen.

Brett decided to stay. I just have to say the ex didn't really give her a choice. "If you walk out that door, I won't be here when you get back" speech. Girl was on duty and she needed to go save someone's life. She should be glad she didn't marry that idiot.

Cruz is back on truck and it cost Boden his promotion. I didn't think it was that important man, but do you I guess. As for the Molly II, still a work in progress.

Wow 2 great episodes in a row. last week's episode was packed with goodies.

Reese was stuck in therapy so he was missing for the fun parts, but he did get to dump a John Ritter's kid in the dumpster and we also got a great recall of Carter.

If it wasn't hard enough back then to protect the POI, now they have to do it in the dark, but this episode executed it very well. Finch had some great conversations with Root about her god and for her to not trust it because it will just use her until she becomes irrelevant, but Root fires back with the fact that she cares, more importantly Finch was the one that made it care and that's one thing Samaritan doesn't have.

Shaw was stuck on babysitting duty again, but at least she didn't have to pick up the phone again to get people to vote. Quit your day job, and don't quit your night one.

Almost forgot to mention Finch figured out that Root doesn't talk to god anymore because it's to dangerous. All she gets from her now are secret messages for her next identity.

But about that ending, isn't it a little too early to be calling her out, Finch? And what did Root want Finch to tell Shaw, to which Finch replied she already knows? Well I don't so tell me.

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