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I really do love these villains they come up with. I always seem to sympathize with them. This viper "villain" again was going about it the wrong way. It seems that the board members and that black lady who isn't a board member at Wayne Enterprise are the true villains in Gotham right now. Before we get into characters can I just ask how was Gordon not affected by the viper or venom or whatever you want to call it nowadays? He was right there.

Anyway, Gordon and Bullock track down the viper killer who was spreading the strength killer vile so that people knew what WellZyn was up to. BTW, it was nice seeing Blair's mom from Gossip Girl.

Meanwhile, Penguin for some reason unknown to me, tells Maroni he was a goon for Fish Mooney. Maybe he wanted to move up in the world. Maroni didn't trust him so he got Gordon to tell the story just to make sure it wasn't a lie. At first, I was thinking why didn't Maroni just blackmail Gordon since Penguin isn't supposed to be alive, but then again Maroni wants to have the upper hand on Falcone, who seems to have a plan himself.

But Maroni and Falcone aren't the only ones with a plan. Mooney is already at work turning Falcone's people against him and her secret weapon is already in play. And may I say, her secret weapon cleaned up very nicely.

Cat was seen stealing for like 2 seconds and then disappeared for the entire show. Barbara was nowhere in sight and I didn't miss her one bit and I wish they would use Edward Nygma more.

Wow someone dying is not how I pictured this episode ending at all. So Jane is still oblivious to a bunch of things still. She doesn't know about her father or her baby daddy's marriage is as rocky as an earthquake or the fact that she's growing growing feelings for her baby daddy. I may have jumped too far ahead, but you know it's coming. Jane decides to be selfish and think only about herself. So yes, she is going to keep her job and yes, it is no longer a milkshake, but a baby to her and what she needs right now is consistency.

Xo is a great mother, even though she may not think she is and Jane never gets to see that side of her, one thing is for sure, she will protect her baby. And it seemed like she was trying to make another baby with Jane's father. Too bad g-ma walked in on them. Maybe when she wakes up from fainting, she'll think she fell asleep on the couch or something.

Petra is in some doodoo that she made herself. Everyone knows when you start an affair, the first thing, you need is an exit strategy. Okay not true the first thing you need is an excuse, then an exit strategy to get out of sticky situations such as these. Also, never do the best friend. Rules to live by. Anyway, Roman tried to kill her, but she played it off as if she was testing him. She fooled me and apparently Michael as well. But it seems like she really wants to give her marriage a real shot this time the fact that she actually cried makes me believe that her tears were real. However, someone already knows the ending to this story already. I didn't know the actress was on Three's Company, probably because I never stopped and watched any of the episodes after Suzanne Somers left.

Rafael is really a nice guy. He could have told Jane about his cancer last episode and he could have told her about the hotel this episode, but he decides against it. It just goes and shows you people can change when your life depends on it. I'm not sure if they dived into it or not and I just missed it, but why does Rafael's father favor Luisa over him? Is he not is biological son? I mean they are both have screwed up in the past so it can't be that. Something to watch out for this episode.

And the biggest surprise goes to Luisa doing her step-mother. Mouth was wide open for that. I just did not see that one coming at all. I knew she was married, I just thought it was to another hot lady. Just wow!

Finally, I have to ask this question. Who killed Roman? Was it Petra to start over with her husband? Was it Rafael because somehow he found out? Was it Michael because he really does not want to have this baby in his life? Or was it that guy who hasn't been seen in 4 years and is the reason why the hotel is being staked by the police? Let's tune in and find out.

Ugh, the last thing I needed was an episode dedicated to a disease spreading throughout the world. I won't even mention the E word, but I will mention the N word, which is nipple as in nipple guards.

So Red was basically trying to track down his daughter the whole time and finds her by the end of the episode. Now how long will it take him to talk to her is another question. And what was that key for?

Keen and crew were running against the clock trying to stop the disease from spreading, but if it wasn't for the near death experience she had because she was infected along with Samar, we wouldn't have gotten that great moment when Keen admits that she was jealous of Red trying to find his daughter and I would never have known about nipple guards. I think that's genius.

Apparently, tonight's episode will be the talk of the town according to their promo, so something is going down and it all revolves around that door. This episode is not to be missed.

As much as I wish I could go back to 2nd grade, where homework didn't take me the whole night plus the morning, this episode made me realize that I never want to go back to that dark place ever again.

Castle goes undercover as himself to uncover which kid was in the ice cream truck. It turned out not to be a kid at all and, but we did get to see how Castle acts among his peers. Burn!

This is one of those rare cases where the people committing the crime were doing it for good reason (see Gotham above)--help immigrants out.

Meanwhile, back at home Alexis was being so motherly, I'm surprised they didn't show her attempting to bathe Castle or even worse, try to sleep with him at night. That would have been way awkward. Alexis has always been the parent, but it was just too much, but it ended well.

Love how the little girl punched that kid. I'm sorry, but that kid was so annoying. We kind of had someone like that in our class, but he was hysterical. I guess it's totally different when you're the grown up in the situation, but in his defense, he only did it to our teachers. Anyway, I liked how Castle and Beckett were in sync (as usual) with their "One day". This episode plus the one when Castle and Beckett have to take care of a baby makes me want them to have a kid more than wanting them get married.

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