Sunday, October 26, 2014

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Correction: I got it wrong last time, the bones weren't from just 1 person, but of 2 people that returned again and again.

I'm not gonna lie. This show had me tearing up when Jacob apologized to Barbara, I don't know why, but it totally got to me. Anyway, let's get into it.

Marty was kind of MIA for this episode and Elaine was totally MIA, but anyway Marty was researching the whole time on the bones they found in the river and trying to identify who they were.

Oct 28, 1982 was when Jacob died and Margaret takes it upon herself to change the tradition of Henry and Lucille's mourning into a day of celebration with family. She was talking about a specific people though aka not Barbara. All the Langstons that we've seen so far were under the same roof and man did that dinner not end so great.

Henry invited Barbara because Jacob wanted her there and Margaret invited Fred because that's her son and family is family to her except Barbara who Margaret sees as the devil. Henry forgives Fred because he's his brother and Margaret puts the idea into Lucille's head that Fred isn't to blame, but Barbara, who is the root of all evil. If it wasn't for Barbara having the affair, which lead her to meet her lover at the river and then slipping in said river and Jacob trying to save her, Jacob would be married with kids by now. Lucille feels she was robbed a better future by Barbara. Like I said, this dinner didn't end well.

Meanwhile over at the Hale house, Rachael finds out her baby is growing twice as fast, but the Hales decide for her to stay and they'll help anyway they can. Was I the only one thinking Tom is lucky to have 2 amazing girls by his side?

Fred finds out Margaret lied about not knowing who the last returned was and we find out that Margaret knows how to kill a returned because she helped kill those 2 people buried at the factory. If not by hanging, shooting, or fire then how? But one thing is for sure, we know who her first victim will be. That's a cool way to tell a story, but knowing what she was referring to creeped me out.

The returned are getting sick. Will Maggie find out Marty is a returned when he falls ill? Will he fall ill? We'll find out tonight.

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