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The Affair S1 E2: He Said, She Said, Truth

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So someone killed a man. Alison, just to let you know, helping the police by giving them theories just makes you look more suspicious. Was there some foreshadowing when Alison said, "Now I just hope I don't kill him?" I'm actually hoping it's Noah's father-in-law since so many people hate him at least Noah and Alison do.

Let's play: He Said, She Said, Truth

  1. Jam
    1. Noah: Noah notices Alison and she notices him. His daughter walk up to the table to taste some jam. They say hi to one another. Noah says he was worried about her. Alison tells her friend they don't really know each other. Noah buys a jar of jam for $12 tells her to keep the change. Alison says no thanks.
    2. Alison: Alison recognizes the little girl that walks to her table and looks up and notices Noah. Noah asks how is she. She says she's good. Noah ends up buying one of each flavor they have. Noah then tells Alison that he wants to see her again and keep talking with her. Noah ends up paying $40.
    3. Truth: First of all $12 for a jar of jam? Either Noah is lying or he's stupid for buying it. I guess he's really stupid because I agree with his story. I don't think Noah would tell Alison he wants to see her again in front of his child. Also, who would buy 5 different flavors of jam? That's more ridiculous than paying $12 for it and he didn't sample them which is why I think he went with the jar his daughter liked. Besides, it goes along with the whole jam in the sandwich that his wife made him and that he liked so much.
  2. Party
    1. Noah: Alison shows up serving whiskey to Noah and then walks away. Noah's wife remembers her to be the waitress the day their daughter choked. Noah gets upset when Bruce indirectly calls him a schmuck and implies Alison is a whore so he decides to leave and tries to find Alison. When he does see her, she's smoking a joint. He tells her people in the kitchen will be able to smell it, so they try to move their private party to the beach. However, Noah has some difficulty remembering the code that opens the door to the beach, but eventually he gets his wife's birthday correct.
    2. Alison: Alison is a server at the party and notices Noah and his wife having a little bit of a tiff. Then out of nowhere Noah's mother-in-law gets a drink from Alison's tray. The mother-in-law notices she's the mother that lost her child. The mother-in-law tells Alison that if she pours a drink on Noah's father-in-law she would give her $1000. Alison walks over with whiskey on her tray, but Noah picks up the drink before she could spill it on the father-in-law. Noah's wife orders Alison to bring over a few things for her and then fixes her dress while making a comment about how tight it is. Alison notices her brother-in-law going upstairs with Noah's eldest daughter. Noah then comes into the room and asks where his daughter was going. She replies no where and scurries away. Alison's brother-in-law then says he was looking for the bathroom and goes on his way. Noah then turns to Alison and asks does she want to get out of here. She replies with a smile
    3. Truth: I think this is a mixture of both. Noah was probably having a tiff with his wife because he was probably trying to calm her down because of the home wrecker. Alison was probably trying to pour whiskey on Noah's f-i-l and he drank it anyway. It's seems like both of them were right about those two things from their own perspectives. As for Noah's wife, I think she did make the comment about Alison being the waitress and not commenting on her dress because Noah's wife didn't couldn't go over to the home wrecker and tell her to leave the party so I doubt she was rude enough to make a comment like that. As for how the ended up on the beach I'm going to have to go with Noah's version. We know from Alison's version that she said it was to early to smoke one so maybe she smoke one later like at the party. Also, I just don't buy how one minute he sees his daughter going upstairs with a guy and the next he's like hey want to get out of here. If I was a parent, I would totally be making sure those two were nowhere near each other for the rest of the night, maybe even threatening the guy a bit to never come near my daughter. She's 16 years old.
  3. Beach
    1. Noah: Alison takes her shoes off and runs towards the ocean. They talk about his book and Alison tells him to live a little so he has something to write about. She starts touching his hand. Noah is confused because it seemed to him that she didn't seem like she wanted anything to do with him that morning. She says it was because he was with his daughter. He says he's married and that nothing can happen between them. Alison gets the message and says it was nice to meet him. Noah finds out she's also married because of her last name. Alison kisses him on the cheek and leaves. When Noah finally leaves the beach, he sees that Alison can't get back in because she doesn't know the code. Noah walks up to her and starts kissing her.
    2. Alison: Alison informs him that she can't swim so she doesn't want to go in the water. Noah tells her it was nice to see her again and that he knows shes married, but notices she doesn't wear her ring. She says she takes it off for work for better tips. Noah connects the dots and her if the man in the driveway was her husband. She reassures him that he is her husband. They talk about their marriages. Noah about how he married too early and Alison about how she thought marriage was putting your spouse before you, but now it's about not killing your husband. Noah goes into the theory about making a different decision and living two different lives. They both admit to each other, they've been thinking about each other all week. Alison says she's never done this before and then Noah starts kissing her.
    3. Truth: Again a mixture of both. I believe Alison when she said she couldn't swim so she didn't go into the water. Because Alison is going through so much in her life I doubt she's that forward with Noah and I also think in Noah's mind Alison just screams sex appeal so anything that has to do with Alison is just extremely sexual. I do believe that Noah finds out she's married by her last name and connects the dot back to the ranch. They really didn't give a reason of how he find out in Alison's version. Alison wins for what led up to the kiss and I only say that because it was true that Noah was thinking about her all week since he admitted to it in the beginning of the episode that he tried to stay away from her on purpose. I also think that one is more romantic and so I just personally like it more. But in both versions, Noah kisses her first.
Well that's all people, until next time when the affair really takes off.

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