Monday, October 20, 2014

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Is it just me or is does Gordon only have two faces--grumpy and stern? I mean c'mon Ben let him smirk every once in awhile. Makes me think that Gordon uses botox already.

Anyway, let's get to it. We let off with Penguin visiting Gordon and Penguin wants to help Gordon rid of the evils in Gotham (only to put himself in charge, but that's another matter). He warns Gordon again about the evil that's coming aka politics.

Maroni and Falcone are battling it out for the Arkham District and even dupe so low as to both hiring the same hitman to take out councilmen who would vote against them. In the end, Gordon and Bullock save the day by killing the hitman who was going after the mayor and the mayor decides to give Falcone the rights for housing development and Maroni gets to refurbish Arkham and the waste disposal site with a waste. On the plus side Arkham Asylum won't be destroyed. I thought the hitman was pretty good. At least he was dedicated to his job until the very end.

Penguin finally got himself some dough because of the turf war. He hired some guns to ransack his job and kill the manager. Maroni thought it was Falcone and retaliated and we all know how it ends (since I just told you). Penguin then killed his guns to I guess get rid of evidence. Besides, those guys were idiots, who would rat on him in a matter of seconds. Good job Penguin. He's finally doing something right.

Meanwhile, Mooney was finding the perfect seductress to use against Falcone because as she puts it Falcone is getting weak and the fact that he didn't get all of Arkham is just proof of it.

Finally Gordon knows about Montoya and Barbra and man was upset about it because he felt lied to. Barbra gives him an ultimatum either he starts telling her the truth or he should let her go. I don't know why the writers wrote her like this since it makes no sense since she's talking about secrets that pertain to his job and not his personal life, but whatever. I just hope they come up with better ideas to use Barbra than this because right now she's adding nothing to the storyline and I'm still waiting for her to get pregnant.

City dogs, they won't get the stick for no one. Let's start with Red and how he's sill in love with his wife (sister my *ss). I can't believe her husband is cheating on her and was planning to leave her too. Only someone still in love with her would not tell her her husband is a lying, cheating b*stard.

While Red was dealing with his extended family, Keen was solving the number of the week, which was rather interesting. A doctor decided to solve the issue of mass murders by targeting people who are more likely to commit them. As they say, the ends don't justify the means. He went about it wrong. He identified people with a certain gene and then put them in an environment where they were more likely to commit the crime. But in the end, he knew the only way for his research to get recognition was for him to die. He died, but still no recognition. It is hinted however that Keen may have the warrior gene.

Keen ends up meeting with Red's ex to discuss what Keen means to Red, but the conversation was pointless since ex didn't tell her sh*t. Yet, she knows the connection between them and asked Red when is he going to tell her the truth.

Turns out Keen's stalker was actually one of Red's men and like Red said if she doesn't want someone to protect her than she must be hiding something. At the end of the episode, you see Keen with a set of keys and a door. So she was telling the truth? How did she find her husband?

I thought I was going to have to write about how I miss the good old days of Castle when it was light and funny and not so dark all the time. But don't get me wrong I do like some of those darker episodes especially the one where Beckett goes undercover. So glad the new mythology was put on hold for a bit. So far I'm not really liking it and wished the Beckett's mother story didn't end, but that could change depending on where this new one goes. I'm hoping it has to do with Castle's father and Castle ended up killing someone in cold blood which is why he wanted to forget. But I shouldn't even be talking about that because this episode was awesome and I believe many people agree with me.

We're back into the groove again (I was worried for a second). This was an amazing case of the week that dealt with cloaking (and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who looked it up to see if it was real or not). It really did seem like an invisible man situation was happening (that movie creeped me out btw). One of my favorite scenes of the night was when Beckett was getting strangled, not that I don't like her or anything, I just thought it was really cool how they were trying to fight someone they couldn't see and then Beckett (the voice of reason) couldn't explain what had happened and "lied" to her boss. But it turns out Castle was sort of right. The government was involved, but they couldn't get the right formula so their cloak didn't work. However, the man who got killed had a neighbor who did get it right, and therefore, they were able to make the invisible cloak. A deal with the devil indeed. This all came down to a woman who was scorned and felt the need to get revenge because she felt used. The End

Well, not quite The End yet. Now let's talk relationships. Castle and Beckett haven't done the you-know-what in awhile since you know, the whole amnesia and missing for 2 months thing. My favorite lines of the line came out of this

Castle: And you thought zombie apocalypse survival camp was a waste of time?
Beckett: You just kind of made nerdy, sexy.

And then Martha came in. 'Nuff said. But eventually, they did the you-know-what and we got to see Beckett's birthday shoulder.

Speaking of relationships, Esposito and Ryan's moved to another level when Espo gave Ryan a thong for men. Ryan needed a 2nd job and got one at a male strip club to start on his little girl's tuition for college. He'll fit right in.

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