Sunday, October 19, 2014

Previously On...Sunday

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Welcome new member to the Sunday Lineup.

So a bunch of dead bodies show up in the river while the ex-pastor was performing baptisms. Well that's one way to be renewed. The 8 bodies that they found were all from the same dude. So The Returning Syndrome is not something new. It's happened before and for some reason granny new about those bones before chucking them into the river and carrying them south. The thing is her son is onto her.

Marty sees his dead body after making a deal with the she-devil to give over the 8 dead bodies found in the river. What's her deal? We still don't know. Maybe she's a necro. You never know.

Jacob finally goes to school to be with people his own age and Henry decides to start up the factory again.

Now let's talk about the cop guy, who wasn't getting any sleep--Carl. Man, do I feel bad for him. When he finally had enough and shot his brother multiple times, I was saying good for you in the back of my mind (I know really bad of me, but you have to understand his brother...there are just some people...okay there is no legit reason to kill someone, but this is a TV show so just let me have this one). His brother really needed to die, but sadly because of TRS he just came back, b*tching more than ever since his chair had blood all over it. TRS is not for everyone folks. Some people just need to stay dead.

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