Saturday, October 18, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (20)

Natsue: Hello Master Sakiko and Master Rumi.
Megumi: Of course you two would be the last ones to show up.
Sakiko: For your information, we were the first ones here.
Rumi: Settle down you guys, the day just started.
Megumi: I’ll be on my best behavior.
Sakiko: I would love to see that.
Rumi: Sakiko! Anika has planned this whole day for us, so let’s enjoy it. What’s first?
Anika: I thought we could all go shopping.
Megumi: Where?
Sakiko: Look around you. And they say you’re the smart one.
Megumi: I don’t shop in these stores.
Kimi: Why not?
Megumi: Well if I wanted a rag I would.
Sakiko: Not surprised.
Megumi: You don’t shop in these stores either.
Sakiko: I never said I did, but at least I’m willing.
Megumi: Why? So you can impress your Servant over there who thinks so little of you already.
Sakiko: And why are you acting all high and mighty? So you can impress yours who clearly wants someone else.
Megumi: I can say the same about you.
Sakiko: grr…
Megumi: grr…
Rumi: I didn’t know we were speaking Itoe’s language today. The day barely started and you’re at each other’s throats.
Sakiko: This is pointless.
Megumi: So you finally figured out what your life is. Congratulations.
Rumi: What happened to you being on your best behavior?
Sakiko: I told you this wasn’t going to work.
Natsue: It’s okay Master Sakiko. The day is young and usually everything works out in the end. So let’s go shopping. You can help me pick out—
Sakiko: I don’t want to go shopping with you!
Natsue: Master Sakiko.
Sakiko: I’m sorry Natsue. I didn’t mean to… This seems like a good store. I’ll go in first.
Rumi: Sakiko.
Kimi: Are you okay Natsue?
Natsue: I’m fine. This is all my fault.
Kimi: Don’t say that.
Natsue: But it is. I’ve been focusing on Master Itoe so much that I forgot about Master Sakiko.
Kimi: It’s hard enough serving one Master; serving two can be a challenge.
Anika: You would know.
Kimi: This isn’t the time to talk about it Anika.
Rumi: Maybe it is. Isn’t that the reason we all came today?
Megumi: Speak for yourself.
Rumi: What are you doing here Megumi?
Megumi: I’m supervising.
Rumi: What exactly?
Megumi: You should ask Kimiko.
Rumi: You seem to hold all the answers.
Kimi: We need to talk.
Anika: We all do.
Natsue: I should go in and find Master Sakiko.
Kimi: I should go in with you.
Rumi: I thought—
Kimi: I am ranked #1 and as the first, it is my duty to look over all other Servants. This will have to wait.
Megumi: Is this truly how you’re going to end things?
Kimi: She’ll know by the end of the day. They all will.

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