Monday, October 13, 2014

The Good Wife S6 E4 Review

Hey People,

Wow this know what? Let's just jump into it since that's what they did to us. Red wine before we start?

Saint Alicia, the brand. Never thought of Alicia as a saint, but whatever. I guess it goes well with Grace's Bible study group. My Dad asked me how did I know it was her Bible study group, I simply just told him "It's Grace." It is nice to have a throwback of her physics tutor though. Girl is crazy as h*ll though.

Steven Pasquale, I will always remember you from Rescue Me and who knew he could be so ruggedly handsome with some scruff.

I feel like red is the theme of the episode. So Alicia decides to swallow the red pill which just so happened to be mixed with red wine.

1) Her clients (especially Bishop, which let's be honest, needed to go regardless if Alicia was running or not).

2) Zach had an abortion.

Let's spend some time on this subject. Zach had a what!!!??? My mouth dropped open when I heard that. At first I was just like Alicia that isn't true that can't be and then when they told her they confirmed it by having a record of the abortion happening, I still couldn't believe it. My Dad kept on saying, "The parents are always the last to know."

My Dad and I both agree. We understand why Zach didn't tell Alicia; however, we were both mad at the parents of the girl for not informing the Florricks. If I was Alicia, I would have called up Zach and after he didn't pick up I would have called that family up and gave them a piece of my mind.

Some people think that Peter knew the whole time. I don 't know, but one thing I do know is like father, like son. I think this realization is what hurt Alicia the most.

Some people are getting it twisted so let me make it clear here. Alicia was mad at Zach not because he had an abortion, but because he didn't inform her about the abortion. Not mad about the actual act of the abortion.

Now others are also saying that Alicia was too harsh on Zach, even I was saying man I do not want to get on Alicia's bad side in or out of court. I don't know what to think about Zach anymore. I felt like I was hit with a whammy, but he is his father's son and I think that's why Alicia talked to him just like she talked to Peter when she broke it down on how it was going to be from now on.

3) Owen is having an affair with a man who is married and did bareback gay porn (TGW brings up so many topics).

Owen walks out when Alicia tells him they looked into his past. Some people say and I would agree that Alicia wa just being a good sister and making sure Owen was having safe sex.

4) Veronica spanked a child.

"Why would she do that?" Well because that child is the devil. I was on Alicia's mother side the moment I met the kid. Glad they didn't have to pay that little brat and his mother.

5)  Finn leaving her apartment photo (yet again!)

Finn is a good guy, who will tell the truth no matter what and that's what I like about him. Total opposite of Will.

6) Peter and his affair with the mother of the intern (not the intern).

I guess Peter can tell the truth when he wants, but that still doesn't mean he can keep it in his pants. I wonder when Alicia will find out about this one. Most likely Elfman will tell her. And speaking of affairs, Eli finds out about Kalinda and has a awkward lunch with her that really can't be considered a lunch because they up and left before they ordered. Speaking of Kalinda, why the hell does she keep telling secrets to Bishop. She's a good liar. I don't see why when it comes to Bishop she can't do the same.

7) Alicia and her drinking problem.

This episode really makes Alicia look like an alcoholic, but the point is when she was pulled over she only had one glass of red wine. Castro strikes again! If I was Alicia, I would get the name of the police officer and get Peter to fire him. Actually that's one problem I have with the pull over. Alicia isn't some regular candidate. She has a lot of connections. It would be a huge risk for Castro to do such a thing.

8) PAC

Alicia has a huge problem on her hands if Bishop is always going to be the rope around her neck. She needs to separate from him as quickly as possible.

Luv ya,

P.S. Did anyone else feel the sexual tension between Elfman and Alicia or was that just me? Might there be an entirely new love triangle? That would be a first that I've seen a show do.
P.P.S. So glad this show said Zach had the abortion instead of Zach's girlfriend had the abortion. There is a difference.

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